Words of Wisdom… From a 4-Year-Old


Kids are funny. That is a universally-known fact. My 4-year-old is constantly cracking me up.

In case any of you need a laugh, here are a few of the things he has said lately:

Conversation I overheard while my husband was changing our 2-year-old’s diaper:

(Isaac has been interested in planets lately, so we’ve talked about Saturn’s rings, Mars being the Red Planet, etc.)

Isaac: “Daddy, why is Max’s bum so red?”

Daddy: “When Max has diaper rash, that’s just the way his ‘full moon’ looks.”

Isaac (after some thought): “Well, Daddy, if it’s red, then it’s not a full moon, it’s a full Mars.”

Conversation I had with Isaac when I was about to start an exercise video:

Me: “Isaac, do you want to come and exercise with me.”

Isaac: “No, Mommy, I will just sit over here and ‘spectate’.”

Conversation my mom (whom the kids call GoGo) had with Isaac about getting allergy shots:

Isaac: “I have to get allergy shots so that I won’t be allergic to your cat.”

GoGo: “Do you think the cat should have to get shots, too?”

Isaac (after some thought): “Yes. The next time I get a shot, I will call you and tell you to shoot the cat.”

(WARNING: Potty talk ahead.) Conversation I had with Isaac one day when he had been sitting on the potty for a long time:

Me: “Isaac, are you having trouble going potty?”

Isaac: “Yes, my doody doesn’t want to come out… it just wants to stay in my small ‘contestants’.”

Me: “You mean small intestines

Isaac: “No, I’m pretty sure I mean small ‘contestants’.”

 What are some of the funniest things your kids have said?


  1. Sue Kamienski says

    This is something my granddaughter said to me when she was five years old (now 8) …Lily is her name however she is my “ButterBean”.
    Lily: “Gammy, I am getting older, momma is already old and you are real old aren’t you Gammy?”
    Me: “yes ButterBean I am real old”
    Lily: ” But you aren’t ‘dying’ old are you Gammy?”
    Me: “I sure hope not ButterBean, we have lots of things to do”
    Lily: “oh good Gammy, when are we ‘gonna’ do those things”
    ❤❤❤. Love having conversations with her””

  2. Jina says

    Elina: daddy, did you put me in to mommy’s tummy?
    Dad: yes.
    Elina: how did you put me in?
    Dad: well,……

    • says

      That is so funny.

      Excuse me is a funny one – I never really thought about all of the different situations in which you use it.

      We also taught Isaac to say excuse me when he makes “inappropriate noises.” But we also taught him to say it when he is trying to get someone’s attention, trying to get past someone, or accidentally bumps into someone. There are a lot of times when he says “excuse me,” and I think that he is trying to get me attention so I say, “Yes, Isaac?” He then gives me a look and loudly announces, “I just tooted so I said excuse me.” So much for discretion.

  3. says

    Those are too funny! I sometimes wonder where my son even heard some of the words he comes up with {not bad words, just ones he wouldn’t hear often}.

  4. Felissa says

    I wish i could think of the richardisms ! but I agree with the others what a fun age ! Richard and Isaac should chat about space. Richard has become incredibly interested in it too. THat and talking about “Dependence day ” (aka Independence Day). I love the contestant comment isaac said.

    • says

      Kids really are a hoot. Isaac was telling me about the “Gold Eagle” they talked about in school. I tried to tell him that it is a “Bald Eagle” – he still doesn’t believe me. According to him, eagles don’t have hair, so they can’t be bald.

  5. says

    That’s cute, lol. When my oldest son was little he tried to tell me he wasn’t impressed with something but he said “depressed” instead of impressed, lol.

  6. says

    LOL these are ardorable! My kids are just now getting into that stage where they are starting to come up with their own sayings, It’s a new one everyday!

    • says

      I was at dinner with mommy friends last night – we all have kids who just turned 4 or will in the next couple of months… we were laughing because we were all sharing some story about what the kids said and how frustrating it is sometimes when they just won’t stop talking. Then, we remembered that a couple of years ago, we were all sitting around worried that our kids would never talk. Motherhood is a funny thing.

      I’m sure you will have lots of things to write about when your daughter starts talking.

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