{Wordless Wednesday} These Boys Love to Swim


Hubby took these pictures using his cell phone. A cell phone in the pool, you ask? Sure – just put it in a waterproof cell phone bag.


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  1. Chelsea says

    LOVE the pictures.. and LOVE THE NEW LOOK!!!! (it’s probably been here for a while.. sorry i’m just now noticing 🙁 )

    • says

      I didn’t think that I would trust the bag either – but then I saw it, and I was willing to try it. There are several seals, and the top folds over several times and there are snaps to keep it folded. It really is pretty impressive. We got ours a while back just to keep the phone safe near the pool or in the rain – but it sure is fun to take it in the pool and get pictures.

    • says

      I felt the same way! We got the bag so that we could protect the phone when out in the rain or NEAR the pool. However after seeing the bag and seeing how well it seals, we were totally comfortable taking it in the pool!


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