{Wordless Wednesday} – Snow Day 2014

Max’s first snow day, and Ike’s third



Flashback to Ike’s first snow day in 2010



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      Luckily, we are safe and sound at home… unlike many others in my area. The boys did have fun… we may even get Max back outside for round two a little later (but with temps in the teens, we may all just decide to stay inside!).

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    Too cute. You can tell my girl was born in the south. First time she saw snow on a trip back home to St Louis she cried when she touched it. She was 2 years old. lol

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    Oh my gosh – that would make a great meme a kid’s photo all scrunched up like your little Ike’s and then captioned! I’ve only ever known snow so I think it’s hilarious here in Texas where we live now hearing people get all excited or anxious when the forecast is for an inch… LOL.

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