{Wordless Wednesday} Halloween Then and Now

Halloween Costumes Then and Now

The boys sure are growing up. Here is a collage of their current and past Halloween costumes.



To answer the obvious questions:

1. Yes, Ike was “crackers and hummus” in 2012.

When asked what he wanted to be for Halloween, he chose his favorite snack, crackers and hummus. During the weeks leading up to Halloween, he did not waver in his choice, so we did our best to make  his wish come true.

2. Yes, this is the first year Max doesn’t have to wear a hand-me-down.

Halloween in Our Neighborhood

Ike loves to take pictures. Here is his first photo essay, a (tilted) look at the Halloween decorations in our neighborhood:



  1. says

    I am laughing so hard at the “Crackers and hummus” costume!! I love that he was steadfast in his idea and that you got so creative to make it happen!

  2. says

    Crackers and hummus. I love that you came up with something for that and btw yum I love hummus too. All those costumes are cute, but, I think that Charlie Brown one is adorable!

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