{Wordless Wednesday} Don’t You Know a Trumpet When You See One?

“No, I’m pretty sure that this IS a trumpet.”


    • says

      Hadn’t even thought about that! Now all we need are apples, honey, and sweet challah – that will make the holiday easier. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Rahn says

        I’ve been debating telling Isaac to yell “Matzaball” instead of “cannonball” every time he jumps in the pool.

    • says

      The worst part is that I went through this with my oldest – getting mad that I didn’t record the way he used to say “moo” or the other silly things he did. Even after that, I still didn’t learn my lesson… I keep forgetting to record the youngest, too!

  1. says

    That is utterly adorable! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I barely have video of my kids (they are 11 and 14) and I love the little bit I have!

    • says

      Thanks – he is a lot of fun. He came up with that all on his own… no prompting from us. He love music – the other day, he started humming Ode to Joy… not sure where that came from.


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