Oy Vey, Whose Sippy Cup is This?!?

Until recently, I hosted play dates at my house every Tuesday. Each and every week, at least one mother would suddenly hop up, run to her child and say, “NO (child’s name) that’s not your sippy cup!” (Most of the moms in the group were first-time moms, so we were all overly paranoid about germs.)

I got really sick of this sippy-cup confusion, so I decided to get dishwasher-safe labels as party favors for Ike’s second birthday. I bought the Loot Bag Combo from Mabel’s Labels. I was very pleased with both the shopping experience and the quality of the labels (and the hang tags that came with them).

Ike’s party was fairly small – just 5 other kids that we knew fairly well. I was able to customize each guest’s labels – picking colors and pictures that each child would like. That was nearly 2 years ago. We still have the cups we put those labels on – they have been through the dishwasher countless times, and the labels are still in like-new condition.

When Ike started preschool, I knew I would need more labels. We needed labels for clothes, shoes, school supplies, water bottles, etc. It had been a little while since I had ordered, and there were several other label companies out there, so I decided to try out Kiddo Tags and Oliver’s Labels.

As with Mabel’s Labels, I was pleased with both the shopping experience and the quality of the product. Each of the three companies has different pros and cons. Each site offers slightly different products, packages, designs, and features.

For example, Kiddo Tags offers a Twin Pack and Social Kiddos™ – Playdate Card Kit. They offer labels in a variety of sizes, including ones that fit perfectly on a pacifier.

If you’re little ones are prone to losing things, Oliver’s Labels has an exclusive online lost-and-found feature called Found-it™. (This would also be great for us grown-ups who always seem to lose our keys, phones, cameras, etc.)

In addition to their kid-themed labels, Mabel’s Labels offers a great line of custom household labels including, book labels, spice labels, bin labels, etc. They also offer classroom and crafter packages.

I’ve purchased packages for Ike and Moose. I even purchased some of the dishwasher-safe labels for Rahn. They have his name and phone number on them – he puts them on the items he takes when he goes running, like his water bottle, phone, and GPS watch. You can even order them without the adorable pictures, as I did, so that you can keep using them year after year – even as your child’s interests change.

I have found that all of these labels are high-quality, and work much better/last much longer than just using a permanent marker.  If you are willing to check out each website, I’m sure that you can find the perfect package of products with the perfect design for your child… or yourself.

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  1. Becky says

    We use the hang tag that you gave us on Nate’s lunchbox for preschool. It’s really nice and has held up great!

  2. felissa says

    We use ours on his schoolbag. How do the labels stick to the clothes? I could use good labels that don’t have to be sewn.

    • says

      I have used the dishwasher-safe labels from all three companies on multiple items (sippy cups, plastic and glass containers, phones, and many other things) and had great success. I have also used the shoe and clothing labels from Oliver’s Labels and the clothing labels from Kiddo Tags. I have been impressed with all of them. I haven’t had a single clothing label come off unexpectedly. I have also received “thank yous” from teachers for having labels that are so easy to find and read.