What I Learned From My June Pinterest Challenge

If you’ve been keeping track, you will know that I never finished my June Pinterest Challenge. To date, I have completed 5 of the 8 pins that I challenged myself to complete (stay tuned for a post on the ruler growth chart – that is my favorite so far).


As for the other three, well, I am letting myself off the hook.

  • When I first saw the recipe for the homemade healthy fruit snacks, I imagined myself being the kind of mom who spends hours making those for her kids. However, in truth, I am not that kind of mom. I’m the kind of mom who prefers to go the easy route and just buy fresh fruits and veggies.
  • As for the Finger Friends or Peepers… well, we got the Styrofoam balls for those, and my youngest immediately tried to eat them. So, that isn’t really a practical craft for my family at this point in time.
  • I still love the idea behind Spelling with Nuts & Bolts, however, my kids just aren’t quite old enough to appreciate it… no matter how much I want them to. Someday, when my kids are a little older, we will do that pin.

When I started the challenge, I thought that it was just a matter of sitting down and doing the pins. It turns out that I was wrong. Here is what I learned from my June Pinterest Challenge:

  • Just because it is cute or clever doesn’t  mean that you really want/need to do it. (Do I really need to make a key ring out of an old fork? Considering how many old key rings I have that I am not using, probably not.)
  • Just because you want to do something, doesn’t mean it is the right time to do it. Here are some of the reasons why my pins either didn’t get done or took longer than expected:
    • My kids just aren’t the right age for some pins
    • It rained A LOT, so the pin-related activities that needed to be done outside (staining, painting, etc.) had to wait
    • The pin didn’t fit into my schedule
  • Just because someone says it is “simple” and/or “easy,” doesn’t mean that it is!
  • Sometimes, it is just better to imagine yourself being the kind of mom who does some of those things on Pinterest, and not ruin the delusion by actually trying to do them.

The number one thing that I learned from my June Pinterest Challenge is that Pinterest should be fun, not stressful!


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  1. says

    I have so many pins I want to do. I have made a few of the recipes (and unpinned a few that were AWFUL.)

    Actually, that is another good tip! Just because it is on Pinterest doesn’t mean it’s GOOD. LOL.

    • says

      Thanks – I’m glad you are enjoying it. I am getting ready for July/August (since it is already late in July, I am just going to combine the two… :D).

    • says

      The bubbles were OK. They were not hard to make, and both recipes were inexpensive. I would definitely make them again (actually, we have already made them again), but I can’t say that they were the best bubbles I have ever seen.

  2. says

    at least you actually tried to do some of them. I keep thinking I’m going to do this or that next week, and next week never comes.

    • says

      I’m glad I decided to challenge myself to do this stuff. I have found some good things… I just have to keep it fun, otherwise I will go crazy.

  3. says

    The projects in the photos turned out awesome! I was cracking up at the description of how the Styrofoam craft turned out. You are so right, sometimes it’s just not the right time and sometimes the craft is just not meant to be! What a fun challenge and now I’m hungry for spring rolls.

    • says

      We actually made the spring rolls for dinner tonight. Unfortunately, my little one wouldn’t eat them – I guess he just like styrofoam. 😉

      The spring rolls are really easy and they are mighty good. You should definitely make them.


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