Treasure Map Gift Wrap – Great for a Pirate-Themed Party

Matching your gift wrap to the theme of a party isn’t always easy – but it sure is fun when you can do it! When we were invited to a pirate-themed birthday party, I immediately started thinking of creative ways to wrap the gift.

The first thing I did was look through my existing stock of wrapping paper supplies. When I saw the roll of craft paper, I knew EXACTLY what I was going to do! We wrapped the gift in the craft paper with a treasure map on the top.


  • Roll of craft paper (or a brown paper grocery bag)
  • Markers
  • Transparent Tape

(If you don’t want to draw a treasure map, search online for treasure map clip art and print one out!)


  1. Wrap the gift with the craft paper (or grocery bag).
  2. Tear “treasure map” shape out of craft paper (the uneven edges are perfect for this craft).
  3. Using a brown marker, color the edge of the paper to give it some “age.”
  4. Now, the fun part – draw your treasure map. Have fun with it! If your kids are old enough, let them draw
  5. Tape the map to the top of the gift.

(Prior to taping the map onto the package, you can let your kids decorate the wrapped gift with markers, crayons or stickers. It’s another great way to personalize the gift wrap.)

(The gift wrap was a hit, and the kids had a great time going on a pirate treasure hunt.)

What are your favorite ways to wrap gifts? Have you received a gift wrapped in a unique and creative way?



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