Too Much Tuchus – Oy Vey

My dear, sweet, angelic-looking little boy has several very bad habits. I have found myself saying, “Moose, we don’t eat our friends” as he clamps down with his pearly whites. He loves to taunt me with a big grin and the phrase “I sowwy, I sowwy” as he knowingly disobeys me. He tackles his brother and refuses to let go… poor Ike.

But, today, I saw Moose’s newest bad habit. Today, at the expo for the Georgia Publix Marathon, Moose took advantage of every opportunity to reach out from his stroller and grab the tuchus (behind) of every woman who got within his reach.

Ike did this one time when he was very little – but the tuchus in question was bedazzled with many, many rhinestones. Moose, on the other hand, went for any tuchus in sweatpants, running shorts, denim, velour, etc. The tuchus did not need to be shiny or bejeweled – just within reach.

The first few times, I was horrified and extremely apologetic. After a while, though, I just couldn’t help but (no pun intended) see the humor in it – especially after one gentleman happily high-fived him and said, “right on little guy.”

God help me when we get to the teenage years! What’s a mother to do?

What’s the most embarrassing thing your kid has done?



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