The Ice is Melting on Valentine’s Day

We survived Winter Storm Pax! Actually, I feel kind of silly writing that – why do we need to name every single weather event?

We were snowed/iced in for two days. Thankfully, we did not lose power – however, many Atlantans did. I also know that many others up the east coast are dealing with the storm now. To all of my readers dealing with horrible winter weather – please stay safe and warm.

Our kids enjoyed playing in the snow a bit, and Isaac went sledding for the first time. Oh – and, yes, Isaac was wearing his bike helmet… even for the little hill that is our driveway. You see, despite constantly saying that he’s “not afraid of anything,” he also likes to point out that he “doesn’t like danger.”

Quick tip for those of you who need a sled – buy an oil drip pan. We picked one up a year or so ago to create a fun magnet board for the kids (thank you Pinterest). When the snow fell and we were looking for a sled, it worked perfectly. It is even large enough for two.

While we were snowed in we also did a lot of coloring, LEGO constructing and running around the house screaming.

Of course, being snowed in means that the last-minute shopping for Valentine’s Day (also our wedding anniversary) didn’t happen. However, that doesn’t mean that my husband was empty handed this morning. Instead of buying a card, he made one with the kids. It has a very lovely note written inside, and I have to admit that I love it. I will definitely be holding on to this card.

Hope all y’all are having a wonderful Valentine’s Day. How are you celebrating?


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    I’m sorry you’re dealing with all this nasty weather, but I’m glad you didn’t lose power! I know I often joke with family and friends in the south “oh that’s not cold” or “oh you got a trace, better close everything”, but this year has been some serious stuff and I just hope everyone stays safe and warm with their families.

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