That’s a Wrap – Gift Wrap with Accordion Flowers

I love a beautifully wrapped gift. Who doesn’t? Beautiful packaging can make even a simple gift seem lavish.

Unfortunately, for me, I do not have room for a fancy gift-wrapping station at my house. I have managed to allocate a single under-bed box for gift-wrapping supplies. In that box, I have scissors, tape, a few gift bags, a few rolls of wrapping paper, a bit of ribbon, and lots of different colors/patterns of tissue paper.

Why so much tissue paper? Because it is inexpensive, and much easier to store than rolls of wrapping paper, and you can create gifts that look like they were professionally wrapped – often for less than $1.00.

Whenever I see tissue paper on sale, I stock up. For solid colors, I often buy at the dollar store. Just make sure that whatever tissue paper you buy is thick enough to hold up as a wrapping paper. It doesn’t have to be opaque, because you can use several pieces at a time and layer for a unique look.

I found the tissue paper that I used to wrap this gift on the Target clearance shelf for just over $1.00, and I used less than 1/2 of the package.


Wrapping the gift

  1. Use 2-3 pieces (layered) of the solid wrapping paper to wrap the gift as you would with regular wrapping paper.
      • Because you will be layering the patterned tissue paper on top, the first layer doesn’t have to be 100% opaque, but you do want to use more than one piece to make sure it isn’t too see-through.
      • To begin, place the gift upside-down in the middle of tissue paper. That way, when the recipient rips open the paper, they will see the front of the box instead of the back.
  2. Take 1-2 pieces of the patterned tissue paper, and fold in the edges so that it is several inches narrower than the gift you are wrapping.
  3. Center the gift, upside-down, on top of the patterned tissue paper, and wrap the paper around the gift. Tape the tissue together on the back.

If you are happy with the look of the layered tissue paper, you can stop here or just add a simple ribbon. However, for a little extra pizzazz, I added accordion flowers that I made with strips of tissue paper and some scrap pieces of ribbon.

Creating the accordion flowers

      1. Cut tissue paper into strips. I used 5-inch wide strips.(The width of the strips determines the diameter of the flower. Use wider strips for larger flowers and narrower strips for smaller flowers.)
      2. Fold the strip of tissue paper like an accordion.
      3. Fold the tissue in half, and trim the very tip off of the corners, so that when unfolded, the tissue forms an hour-glass shape.
      4. Tie the ribbon around the center of the tissue paper.
      5. Pull apart the edges of the tissue paper so that it fans out and forms a circle around the ribbon.
      6. Place tape (double-stick or “rolled” transparent tape) on the back of the flower, and adhere it to the package.


  1. says

    This is such a great idea! I totally love it. It seems so easy to make. I used to make napkins deco with this system, looks great too.

    • says

      That’s a great idea. We will wrap with brown craft paper and let our sons decorate the paper (crayons, stickers, whatever). That makes for great wrapping paper for grandparents!

  2. Beth says

    Love the flowers, for a new and different look. Heath received a tissue paper wrapped gift from you and it was very easy for him to open, especially compared to the tradional paper. And, more fun than a bag.

    • says

      I hadn’t really thought about it being easier to rip. That really does make it great for kid gifts. Glad Heath had an easy time of it – but he better not get used to it. When he is older, I am going to use a whole role of tape and ribbon just to aggravate him. 😉

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