Delusional Shoposaurus… Oy Vey

Like all moms, I was completely delusional before I had kids. All of my “mommy” friends told me so… as a matter of fact, they seemed to relish telling me so. Within days of becoming a mom, I started to think that they might be right.

Now, almost 4 years into motherhood, I don’t think they even came close to adequately describing how delusional I was. I also think they may be completely unaware of how delusional they still are. I’ve come to the conclusion that we will be delusional about both our kids and our parenting skills until the day that we die.

Today, we went to the traveling Discover the Dinosaurs exhibit in Atlanta. The exhibit has animated dinosaurs, lots of dinosaur facts, and a fun play area to wear them out at the end.

Dino Day - Ike Digs for Dino BonesIke and Moose were fascinated by the animated dinosaurs. I was fascinated with them: watching their faces as they walked through the exhibit; listening to Ike name more dinosaurs than I ever imagined he knew; seeing the boys “dig” for dinosaur bones; watching Rahn try to stick Moose’s head in the mouth of every dinosaur he could get close to (I think he is the biggest kid of all).

Like most parents, every time I go to one of these events, I am reminded of what every parent I know complains about… the cost. Parking fees, ticket prices, food – where does it end? At the gift shop, that’s where.

As expected, this journey through prehistoric times ends with table after table of stuffed dinosaurs, dinosaur skeletons, real dinosaur fossils, fake dinosaur fossils… all with a price tag. Ike and Max loved looking at all of the dinosaur-themed toys… and a mere $50 later, we made it out of the store.

The problem is… the kids didn’t ask for a thing, I was the one who couldn’t resist buying them the adorable plush baby triceratops, the awesome Ankylosaurus, the cute dinosaur coloring book, etc.Dino Day - Daddy, don't let him eat me

How often do you suppose that happens? Are we, as parents, delusional in blaming the venues, vendors and kids for the total cost of a day out? Are we really to blame?

We want the kids to have the most exciting time, the best memories… we assume that must include the silly 3-D photo that places you in the path of a t-rex, or the biggest stuffed stegosaurus we can find. Would they be just as happy without all of the extras? Apparently, my kids would, at least for now.

And yet, here I sit staring at my new little prehistoric “family members” lying on my family room floor. Just a few more things that I will have to pick up on nights when I am too tired to fight with the kids about picking up their own toys.

Despite that, I am still smiling. I guess it is all worth it. We had a great time, and the fact that Aunt Vicki came along made the boys even happier!Dino Day - Ike Moose and Aunt Vicki

  (Note: I used to think if I were a dinosaur, I would be the fictional shoposaurus – but after today, my family found a real dinosaur they feel more accurately describes me… I will take it as a sign that I am doing my job as a wife and parent…)IMG_2399



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  1. Felissa says

    We were totally looking into going there but Neil had read some reviews about everything costing extra so we were afraid to go especially since we had Jack and Caileigh with us this weekend. 3 kids asking for stuff was too much ! Looks like you guys had a fun time though.

  2. says

    Dianna totally missed the big “oy vey” moment of the day.

    Right after we got in, Max had to be changed, so she handed him to me while she dealt with everything else. No big deal except there’s no changing table in the men’s room.

    First, let’s try changing him standing up. Sometimes it works. I stand him on a sink, figuring there’s nowhere to run that way. While I’m reaching in my pocket for the diaper, he reaches down and turns on the sink. Uh, ok, now his pants, shoes and socks are soaked, and I’m not going to continue down this path.

    I ask a lady, and there is a changing table in the women’s room. My choices – try to chase Dianna through the Jurassic age, or try to find a family restroom. I choose to find a family room. Wandering around, I ask at the food court if there is a family restroom, and they point me back the way I came, with no idea if there’s one or not.

    There’s a deputy sheriff hanging out, so they suggest he stand guard for us.

    So off we go, grabbing another lady on the way to check that the room is empty before we go in.
    Mission accomplished, with an armed guard. It was awesome, and probably the most excitement the deputy got all day.

    And when we caught up with everyone, I got to hand off the little guy to Vicki first, who gave me a look and an “uh, why’s he soaking wet?” She then handed him to Dianna, who again gave the “uh, you know he’s wet, right?” look.

    And Ike finally got to ask, “What happens if you go in the ladies room? Did all the ladies say ‘Eeeek, there’s a man in here?” For some reason, he always wants to ask that…

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