“Oy-vice” – Tips, Fun and Functional

It seems that there is no shortage of advice for moms and moms-to-be.

You see it on TV, read it online, hear it from family, friends, and even random strangers on the street. Sometimes it is in response to a question – other times, it is completely unsolicited. I would say the advice below falls somewhere in between… you may not have asked for it, but you did click the link to read it. ūüėÄ

In each “Oy-vice” post, I will share¬†some handy pieces of advice, or “oy-vice,”¬†to help you avoid “oy vey” moments.¬†Some are my ideas, but many¬†I picked up from others.

I admit that I cannot always remember where I heard every tidbit –¬†but I send out a big THANK YOU to whomever shared them with me.

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Out and About:

At the supermarket, put one of the shopping baskets (the ones you carry) in your cart. As you shop, put all of those tiny, rolly-Grocery basket in grocery cartpolly items (think jars of baby food) in the basket.

When you get to check-out, you just lift the basket out of the cart and put it on the conveyor belt. No more chasing small items around the cart (which, if you are short like me, involves practically climbing in the cart to reach them).

Around the House:

Raise your hand if you hate changing sheets? If you have kids, it doesn’t matter what age, you probably do it far more often than you would like – and at the most inconvenient times… like the middle of the night.MM900356616

I invested in lots and lots of sheets and waterproof pads. Each time I make the bed, I put on three layers – waterproof matress¬†pad/sheet/waterproof pad/sheet/waterproof pad/sheet. Whenever Moose’s diaper leaks, or Ike’s bladder can’t hold out through nap time, I just remove the top layer, throw it in the laundry basket, and go about my day.

This also comes in handy when you have sick kids. When my little ones have had a stomach bug or pink eye, I just take off the top layer every time they wake up in the morning or after a nap. I know they are not getting back into bed with an army of germs.

Just for Fun:

If you like to entertain (dinner parties, potlucks, or even just playdates), get a basket or bin just for your party supplies. We keep ours in our pantry and it contains paper plates, plastic cups, plastic silverware, napkins, table cloths, the ice bucket, etc. When it is time to party, setup is much, much easier. Cleaning up, well… that still sucks.

Other party tips:

  • Put some permanent markers in a plastic cup on which you’veParty Bin Picture written something like¬†¬†“I belong too…” Set the cup of markers next to your drink station so your guests can write their names on their cups.
  • Use plastic cups to display silverware on the buffet table. Use a permanent marker to write “spoons,” “forks” and “knives” on the plastic cups. That way, you can put the silverware in the cups handle-up and the guests will still know what kind of silverware they are grabbing. (Putting silverware in handle-up keeps your guests from having to touch the part of the silverware that will touch the food.)

If you have some great “oy-vice,” one mom to another, please post it in the comments.¬†We are all always looking for new ways to make life easier!

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