“Oy-Vice” – 4×6 Prints… For More Than Just Photos

Do you still print photos? It seems like everyone is displaying their pictures digitally these days – putting them on Facebook or e-mailing them to friends and family.

But 4×6 prints aren’t just for photos. There are so many great things you can create – it is definitely still worth watching your drugstore fliers for sales on 4×6 prints! Or maybe watch for sales on photo paper and color ink cartridges if you prefer to print your 4×6 images at home (which may make more sense for single print items, such as gift tags).

In the last several years, I have ordered hundreds of 4×6 prints from my local drugstore… but only about 5% of them have been of actual photos.

Instead, I create and print 4×6 images of: recipe cards, gift tags, birthday or holiday cards, birth announcements, gift certificates, invitations… the possibilities are endless.

You can create these items using a variety of software programs, however, my favorite is StoryBook Creator by Creative Memories. Not only do I use it for my 4×6 creations, I also create calendars, photo books and 12×12 or 8×8 scrapbook pages (which can also be printed at some drugstores, warehouse stores, etc.).

I have just scratched the surface of what you can do with StoryBook Creator, and it has been worth every penny I paid for it.

(Note: Click here to learn more about or purchase StoryBook Creator. You can even download a free 30-day trial version. If you have questions, or are looking for a great Creative Memories consultant, contact Sandra Bemis at albums4ever@bellsouth.net.)

Below are a few of my creations for inspiration. Share your ideas in the comments section at the end of this post.

Recipe Cards

Bubbie's BrisketI create recipe cards to give to guests at my parties – it is much easier than trying to remember to e-mail recipes to everyone who asks. They are also great for things like cookie exchanges and potlucks.

I even had a guest thank me for providing them because she has food allergies. She often has to miss out on many dishes at parties and potlucks because she doesn’t know what is in them. The recipe card gave her all the information she needed to make a safe choice.

When printed on photo paper, you can wipe off minor spills. The cards last much longer than the paper ones I have.

They also make great gifts – here are a few of my favorite ways to share them:

  • When giving cookware or bakeware as a gift, include favorite recipes that can be made with the item(s) in the gift. This is great for wedding gifts!
  • Baked BeansWhen giving homemade food gifts, include a recipe card for each item in the gift.
  • Punch a hole in the corner of several recipe cards – then attach them using ribbon or a single binder ring.
  • Print family recipes and give them to family members. This would be great for family reunions.

Greeting Cards

Gift Tag 2Caught off guard without a greeting card? You can whip up a personalized one in no time.

I created this card to go with a get well gift for one of Ike’s friends.

Gift Tags

Gift TagsAre you sick of the standard gift tags? Make personalized ones.

My sister makes cute ones with pictures – that way, the kids don’t need to be able to read to recognize which gifts are for them… or to know who they are from.

These also come in handy when you just can’t find gift tags for a particular holiday. For example, the selection of nice Hanukkah gift tags is slim to none in some areas.

One 4×6 print easily makes 2 holiday gift tags (maybe even 4).

Birth Announcements

Birth AnnouncementI created this birth announcement when Ike and Ellie were born. It was easy, and quick!

I uploaded the image to the photo website of my local drugstore and it was ready to pick up in a couple of hours – no waiting days or weeks for the announcements to arrive in the mail.

(You can read more about Ellie and Ike in Oy Joy, What a Family.)


BookmarksTwo bookmarks fit on one 4×6 page.

You could use this for a school or library fundraiser, a book donation event, or even as a favor for a book-themed birthday party.

These would also make great reading rewards for use at home or in the classroom. You can even get your child involved in helping to design the bookmark that he/she will get after reaching certain reading milestones.

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