Oy Vey, Am I the Worst Mom in the World?

In her post, The Mother/Father Double Standard, Absolute Mommy wrote about how her husband can leave the house, relax in his recliner, generally go about his life with little to no drama – however, she cannot even take a nap or go to the grocery store without meltdowns and whining.

While I enjoyed reading her post (and the many comments from other moms with the same problem), it made me feel like the worst mother in the world. You see, around my house, it is the opposite.

As a matter of fact just this morning, Rahn and Ike left the house and Moose had a complete meltdown and actually fought me when I tried to pick him up and give him a hug. A few hours later, I went to get Moose up from his nap and it went something like this:

Moose: “Daddy home?”

Me: “No, but Mommy is here.”

Moose: “Ike downstairs?”

Me: “No, but Mommy is here.”


I am constantly thinking about how lucky my boys are to have Rahn as their dad – he is an amazing dad. I always refer to him as an “all-in” dad. Some dads leave most things to mom and just hang around for the fun stuff. Not Rahn, he takes the boys out and about, cooks with them, gives them baths, reads them stories… heck, he even changes diapers.

What does that leave me? Chauffeuring them to school, swimming, doctor’s appointments, and other appointments – planning play dates and birthday parties, and of course, discipline (daddy is a bit of a pushover).

I do often get “demands” for snacks, a TV show, the iPad, etc. Maybe the problem is that I say no… or at least tell them that they won’t get what they want by demanding it… they have to ask nicely.

Sometimes, I think I hear my kids cheer as I close the garage door on my way out.

Ike will actually ask me to leave the room sometimes. Yesterday, I went to sit next to him on the couch to look at a book with him… he pointed to my chair across the room and said, “Mommy, go back to your side.”

To make it worse, I’m not even their second, third, or even fourth choice. If daddy isn’t around, they want GoGo (my mom), Pop Pop (my dad), or Aunt Vicki (my big sister… and I think this is her new way of torturing me since she can’t throw toys at my head now that we are grown up).

My kids aren’t teenagers – they just months away from 2 and 4… what is going on?

Does it mean I am a terrible mother? Would I rather have the life Absolute Mommy has?

I guess it doesn’t matter… I’m the mother that they’ve got. And I do love them more than they could ever know. One thing I know that I do do right… I tell them how much I love them as often as I can – what more can I do?


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  1. Aunt Vicki says

    Well – this is only sort of right. When Rahn brings either of them to my house, they want nothing to do with him at that point either. If they get bored at my house, they are happy to see anyone that comes to get them. If not, they aren’t interested in whoever comes over. AND if they are here and we go to GoGo’s house, they want nothing to do with me at that point either.

    • says

      What? You mean they don’t pitch a fit and cry for hours when I walk out the door? Man, I’m gonna go cry in the corner now.

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