Orlando Stroller Rentals Makes Travel Easier – Review


You are taking your family to Disney World – or maybe Universal Studios or any of the other great recreation options in Orlando, FL. The hotel is booked, the tickets purchased – all that’s left is to pack.

That seems simple, right? Well, with kids, it never is. You need extra changes of clothes, diapers, sippy cups, bottles, pacifiers, toys, books… and who knows what else. But, you’ve done it, you’ve managed to fit it all into the suitcases for your plane trip or in the car if you are driving.

Then, all of a sudden, you remember the stroller. Where is that going to fit? There’s no more room in the trunk, and who wants to deal with checking a stroller at the airport?

Orlando Stroller Rentals Makes Traveling Easier

I’m sorry to say that I can’t help you with the clothes, diapers, sippy cups, etc. However, I have a great solution for your stroller woes – Orlando Stroller Rentals. Yes, you can actually rent a stroller.

I first heard about Orlando Stroller Rentals when I read a review online, so I decided to give it a try on my recent trip to Orlando. I went down to run the Disney Princess half marathon, and my whole family came along.

My boys are 2 and 4 years old. As expected, they enjoyed walking around the park and seeing all of the rides, shows and characters. It was, however, inevitable that they would get tired – or we would get tired of chasing them. At other times, their little legs couldn’t move as fast as we needed to move (to make it to one of our FastPass attractions on time or to catch the monorail, tram, etc.).


When those things happened, we needed a stroller – and not just any stroller. Our everyday stroller is great for the grocery store or the mall, but it really doesn’t work well on the asphalt and cement streets of a theme park. That’s why we chose to rent the Summit X3 double stroller. With big back tires, a rotating front wheel and excellent storage, it was the perfect stroller for us.


It was incredibly easy to push and maneuver, even up and down curbs and through crowds. As a matter of fact, my parents found the stroller so easy to push that my mom declared the stroller and Orlando Stroller Rentals “Grandparent approved.”

Orlando Stroller Rentals Makes Renting a Stroller Easy

Not only was the stroller itself perfect, the process of reserving and receiving the stroller was extremely easy. Online stroller rental reservation takes just a couple of minutes.

During the reservation process, you select your stroller and any accessories you might need. (I highly recommend getting the optional, but free, rain cover. We used ours in an unexpected downpour.)

Orlando Stroller Rentals rents out a variety of single and double strollers, and provides details on all of their strollers, including maximum weights and heights for the kids riding in them.


During the reservation process, you also provide the name and/or address of where you are staying in Orlando, and Orlando Stroller Rentals delivers the rented stroller to you. They also pick it up when your rental ends.

On top of all of that, they give you a small cooler to use on your vacation and keep when you head home. We used ours all week, and even kept some drinks cold on the drive back to Georgia.

After such a great experience, I will never pack a stroller on a trip to Orlando again. For an easier vacation, I will rent my stroller from Orlando Stroller Rentals.

What’s the hardest thing for you to pack when you go on vacation?


  1. says

    I don’t know if we used the same company, but I was elated to have this service during our 1st Disneyworld trip. We used the carseat, stroller, pack & play, and toys. It made travel, and packing so much easier.
    jeanae recently posted…Let It Go…PLEASEMy Profile

  2. says

    That’s great that you can rent a stroller. I’m sure it will make enjoying Orlando attractions easier on families with little ones.

  3. Jackie says

    We Used This Company In 2007. I Recommend Them To Everyone. No Hassle, Great Service. I Wasn’t Sure What I Missed Most When We went Home, Disney or The stroller.

  4. says

    We went a couple of years ago and used them. I loved that the stroller was waiting for us at the house we stayed in and they came and picked it up at the end of the week for no extra charge.

  5. Kait says

    This is amazing!! We are planning a trip next year so I have got to bookmark this. Less stuff to bring on the plane!!

  6. says

    I sometimes miss the stroller days, not because my kids were younger, but because we always had somewhere to put all the stuff we seem to think we need for the day! Haha!

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