Oh Croc!

Did anyone feel the Earth tilt a bit on its axis, see pigs flying around… or maybe see the devil walking around in a parka and mittens? I ask because I did something I swore I would never, under any circumstances, do… I bought Crocs for my kids.

Moose's CrocsI know many people out there love them. I however, fit into the category of folks who thinks Crocs are so unattractive (and, in my opinion, overpriced), that I could not fathom purchasing a single pair. Well, not only did I buy one pair… I bought six. (In my defense, it was the bargain hunter in me that led to the bulk purchase… they were on clearance, and on top of that, they were buy one get one 50% off.)

Ike's CrocsWhat’s worse… I actually like them. I decided to buy them because the kids are both swimming now. We go to an indoor swim club for lessons every week (several times a week for Ike), and I got sick of struggling to get socks and shoes on the kids after class while their feet were still damp. Flip flops and sandals aren’t an option in the winter, so I was prompted to get them each a pair of lined Crocs. Both kids love them – with Ike proclaiming, “My feet are sooooo warm.”

The rest of the Crocs I purchased are non-lined ones for the summer and some in the next size up for Ike to wear next year (poor Moose will just get Ike’s hand-me-downs… the plight of every younger child).

I am, however, still struggling with the final Croc decision that needs to be made… do I buy a pair for myself to wear when I go swimming? I just don’t know if I can bring myself to do it. But, if you feel the Earth tilt on its axis, see pigs flying around, or see the devil walking around in a parka and mittens, you will know that I caved in and purchased a seventh pair.

Kids' Crocs


  1. Kim says

    I have been wearing ugly crocs for years!!! If fact I wore them today to pick the boys up from school. You may become a fan! Easy to slip on while rushing out the door.

    Love your blog!!! Brings back memories of when my boys were younger!!!

  2. says

    The End is Near! Not only did Dianna buy a pair of crocs for herself (with a cozy, fluffy, removable insole), she wore them in public today. Not once, but twice!
    Oh my…

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