Money Origami: A Creative Way to Give the Gift of Money

My mom joined Weight Watchers several years ago and worked her butt off… literally. She lost 70 lbs in one year.

When the holidays rolled around that year, my sister and I wanted to give her some new clothes. However, buying clothes for someone else is tough. Giving a gift card is a great idea, but when you lose that much weight, you are likely shopping in different stores.

We wanted to give her money so that she could shop wherever she wanted. But, we were dealing with the dilemma many people deal with when giving money as a gift. How do you personalize the gift of money?

We decided that it was all in the “delivery.” We turned the money into the item we wanted her to buy with it… clothes!

We went a little further and created a whole store for her… and put ourselves in it as the shoppers. Sure, maybe that was overkill, but we were having a good time.

If you don’t want to make an entire store, you can get two bills (whatever denomination you like), jewelry wire and some pipe cleaners to create a shirt, pants, and clothes hangers.

Use a little double stick tape and/or ribbon to attach them to a card, and you have a creative and fun way to give the gift of money.

Creating Origami Money Clothes and Hangers


  • Two bills of any denomination (one for the shirt and one for the pants)
  • Jewelry Wire (24 gauge or 16 gauge, for sturdier hangers)
  • Wire Cutters
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Tape or ribbon (to attach the money to a card)


  1. Create hangers for the clothes:
    1. Using your wire cutters, cut a piece of wire about 5 inches long. (This may be too long, but it is easy to cut off the excess).
    2. Form the hanger into the triangular shape of a wire hanger.
    3. Form one end of the wire into the  neck and hook of the hanger, and twist the other end around the neck of the hanger near the base.

  2. Fold the shirt following the instructions on Homemade Gifts Made Easy.
  3. Create the pants:
    1. Working lengthwise, fold each side of the bill into the center.
    2. Fold the bill in half lengthwise.
    3. Fold the bill in the other direction, offsetting the fold just a bit so that it forms two separate pant legs.
    4. Thread the folded edge of the “pants” through the hanger, and fold over about 1/5th of it so that it hangs on the hanger.
    5. To ensure that the pants won’t fall off of the hanger, wrap a piece of pipe cleaner around it to create a “belt.”

  4. Use tape or ribbon to attach the clothes to a card.

How do you feel about giving money as a gift? Is it the perfect gift, or do you worry that it shows a lack of creativity?

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  1. Sue Kamienski says

    As a friend of Dianna’s mom I can attest to this being the MOST creative, thoughtful, detailed, loving, & appropriate gift I have ever seen!!! Their mom loved it and all of “mom’s friends” were in awe!!! Absolutely a winner! from winning daughters!!

  2. Beth says

    I agree giving money is awkward. It lacks a personal touch. But this is incredibly original and fun. I’ll be stealing this idea.

    • says

      My mom loved it. It’s been a couple of years, and she still hasn’t gotten rid of it. She spent some of the money, but kept a few folded (we wanted lots of clothes, so we used some small bills, too – she has kept the one dollar bills “on the racks.”

      She has even kept the weight off – good for her!


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