Minivan… Oy Vey or Hurray!

I admit to mocking my sister for driving a minivan – but, in my defense, that was back in the 1980s, and she was in college… what college girl drives a minivan? In her defense, the minivan was a hand-me-down from Mom and Dad… a free car is a free car, I guess.

However, in the last several years, as my family has grown, I have been jonesing for a minivan. I know many women view getting a minivan as a sign of some sort of astronomical shift in identity. I, on the other hand, see it as practical.

I am a mom – proud to be one – owning a minivan, in my opinion, is a perk, not a sign that I have lost my grip on my youth. (I realized that that ship had sailed years ago when I noticed my first gray hair; got my first wrinkles; and first noticed myself starting sentences with, “When I was a kid…”)

Now, after years of dreaming for a minivan, my dream has finally come true. We have finally purchased a Toyota Sienna. (Note: If you are looking for a Toyota and live anywhere near the Mall of Georgia, we were pleased with our experience working with Travis Covin at Toyota Mall of Georgia – he helped us get the car we wanted without being pushy or rude – as has been my experience with many other car sale people).

Overall, I am thrilled with the new minivan, but, like all cars, it isn’t perfect.


  • It is huge inside! Lots of leg room and storage.
  • SLIDING DOORS – it doesn’t matter when ‘terrible parkers’ park next to me – I can still get the kids in their car seats.
  • Despite being huge inside, I don’t feel like I’m driving a tank.
  • You can choose a lot of great options that make a minivan feel more like a luxury car.


  • It is huge inside! Trying to reach for my purse sitting on the passenger seat feels a bit like taking a yoga class.
  • Parking it feels a bit like parking a tank. It just barely fits in our garage.
  • The automatic sliding doors take time to open and close – it may not seem like a lot, but it takes a bit longer than just slamming a door shut.
  • My kids are never going to want to get out once they realize there is a DVD player.

Despite these negatives – and any others I may discover, there is no doubt in my mind that this minivan is a great thing for our family.

The “oy vey” moment will come every month when I have to pay the bill. I think this purchase will lead to a whole new series of posts… about couponing. Lucky for me, the wife of our Toyota sales person is an extreme couponer, and she was kind enough to e-mail me some great tips. Look for those posts in the future!

Would getting a minivan make you feel old? What do you drive? Is it big enough, or is big just overrated?


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    Thanks for stopping by our blog! I was just like you. I fought getting a mini van until kid #3 came along and we had to squish 3 car seats in a row in the backseat. That and my constant comments of “stop poking your brother in the ear” or “keep your hands to yourself”. I got tired of all that. 4 years later – I wonder why on earth we waited so long to get one. I wish I got one after we had 1 kid! Enjoy your new mini van mama status!

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    We had a minivan, but traded it in for a Hyundai Elantra. Since it’s just me and the girls, it’s the perfect size for most days. I love the gas mileage I get, especially when traveling. I do miss the size of it, though. For the once or twice a month when I wish I had a bigger vehicle, I think back on my minivan. It wasn’t fancy, but it did have a DVD player, although we didn’t have sliding doors. And it didn’t fit in our garage! LOL!
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