What is Mialisia?

What is Mialisia

What is Mialisia?Mialisia is a stunning line of jewelry that works with your style and design aesthetic. Each piece of Mialisia jewelry has small hooks that allow you to connect it to other pieces. The beauty of the pieces along with the versatility make this one of  the most innovative jewelry lines around.

You can wear each piece individually, or connect pieces together. Go from simple and elegant to layered and dramatic in a snap. Essentially, Mialisia turns you into the designer.

Enter below for your chance to win your very own piece of gorgeous and versatile Mialisa jewelry, provided by Trisha Haas,  Mialisia Independent Founding Designer.

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How do I buy Mialisia?

Check out the Mialisia online catalog (click Shop underneath the video showing the versatility of the jewelry).

How do I join Mialisia?

If you are interested in becoming a Mialisia Independent designer, contact Trisha Haas. Trisha is an independent businesswoman who believes in uplifting others. In the blogging community, she is well known for her efforts to help others grow their businesses by providing useful information and tools, including a network of bloggers who connect through the MomDot forum.

Now, she is doing the same for independent designers at Mialisia Jewelry. Contact Trisha, and start your career with Mialisia today.

Mialisia Jewelry Giveaway

This giveaway has ended. Thanks to all who entered.
Please check out my other giveaways!

Prize Details:

The three gorgeous Mialisia necklaces that Trisha has provided for this giveaway are the PolarisAries and Gemini. They can be worn separately or layered for a dramatic look. Wear all three pieces to your holiday party, and you will surely turn heads.




Disclosure: The prize for this giveaway is provided by Mialisia Independent Founding Designer, Trisha Haas.  


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