Kids, Germs and Chickenpox – Oy Vey!


chickenpox (Photo credit: hopeandmegan)

I had the chickenpox as a kid, and it has come back to haunt me as an adult in the form of shingles. As I recover, I hope you will enjoy reading my guest post on Remaking June Cleaver about kids, germs and how I got the chickenpox to begin with.

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      Interestingly, my MIL says that the reason shingles is making a comeback is because most kids are vaccinated today. According to her, after getting the chickenpox, the exposure to others who had it served as a sort of booster shot that would prevent an adult from getting shingles. Now, very few kids get chickenpox, so those of us who had it has kids are not repeatedly exposed to it throughout our lives – therefore, we don’t get those “boosters.” Instead, we have to get the shingles vaccine (which, as I understand it, is just a booster of the chickenpox virus).

      I’m not making a statement on vaccination (my kids got them), but it is an interesting thing to think about.

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      Thanks for the well wishes. I am on the mend. Still dealing with some residual nerve pain – but all-in-all, I am feeing much better!

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