Ike & Moose in a Box… Oy Vey

I had a conversation with my sister earlier this week that went something like this:

Vicki: “I love the picture of Ike in Sick Day Oy Vey.”

Me: “Oh, the one of him in the box?”

Vicki: “What?? I’m talking about the one of him sitting behind the bowl of the bags of pasta you were dyeing.”

Me: “I know the picture. I made him sit in the mini photo studio box to take that picture.”

Vicki: “What??? Why?”

Me: “Because, if I take pictures in the photo studio box, you can’t see how messy my house is in the background.”

Vicki: (Laughing hysterically… so I can hardly understand her) “That’s crazy… you know that, right?”

So, I confess, I have recently started putting my kids in a box. Not the fun kind like a fort or homemade train or car. A mini “photo studio” box. I don’t put them in there to get professional-quality pictures of them – I put them in there to take pictures for this blog that will keep you, my readers, from seeing the mess that I call a home.

Tabletop StudioWhen I first started taking pictures to add to blog posts, all I could see were: toy-strewn carpets; crayon-colored walls; baseboards with peeling paint, thanks to a small flood in the kitchen a year or so ago; the unpatched holes in the walls from old safety gates that have since been removed; or the food that Moose threw on the floor at breakfast that is still there so close to lunch that I don’t bother getting out the broom.

In truth, I am a very lucky mom – I have an amazing support system. I have a husband who does housework, cooks, and even changes diapers. My parents and sister live nearby, and they dote on the boys. As a matter of fact, my mother keeps one of the boys overnight at least once a week, and my sister watches one of them overnight once or twice a month.

Despite all of that, I cannot seem to keep my house clean or my dirty-laundry basket under control. To add to my embarrassment, a family friend runs a house cleaning business and she comes by every two weeks to mop and do some of the heavy cleaning. For a few hours every 2 weeks, just after she comes, the house is amazing. I delight in the scent of freshly mopped floors and clean bathrooms… then, life happens and it goes back to looking like a tornado hit.

When I invite guests over, I pray that they won’t ask for a tour of my house… because before they arrive, I throw all of the clutter upstairs – sometimes it makes it into a closet or a bedroom, but most of the time, it ends up in the hall. Anyone who went up there would immediately go online to find a phone number for the casting agent of a “hoarders” reality TV show.

With two boys, I guess I am just going to have to get used to having a messy house, right? The question is, how do you do that? Suggestions are welcome.

If I am able to get past these issues and let y’all really see what my house looks like, I hope you will forgive the messes you may see in my pictures. Until then, the kids will stay in the box.

Moose in a box 2 Ike in a box

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  1. Jina says

    Well, I can’t keep house clean whereever Elina goes. She said that I don’t feel like to clean.
    I just wait until she becomes four as she promised do all by herself.

  2. Chelsea says

    Y’all wanna know the real reason we never get together at my house 😉 no, it really is small but, we really have tornadoes blow through here multiple times a day.. Dianna I unfortunately think that is the struggle of all moms.. My mom had a sign that said something about’ theres plenty of time for cleaning and cooking, for children grow up while we are not looking’ 🙂

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