Ice, Snow, Earthquake – What’s Next, Locusts? Frogs?

When mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. That’s what my mom always said.

Turns out, Mother Nature ain’t happy right now – at least that’s how it feels here in metro-Atlanta.

On Tuesday, snow and ice started coming down in the metro-Atlanta area. It lasted for 2 1/2 days. The icy roads made going out impossible, so we all holed up at home for a few days.

On Friday, despite temperatures in the 50s, there were still some icy spots on roads through the middle of the day. However, in the late afternoon, the roads were clear and we all decided to resume our regular activities.

But, Mother Nature had other plans. Around 10:30 PM, as we were getting ready for bed, the house suddenly started shaking. It was the kind of shaking you are certain you feel, but it is so peculiar that you think you must be imagining it. It isn’t like the shaking you get with wind storms or airplanes flying overhead. It is completely different.

I had experienced it a couple of times while living in Seattle. I know that Rahn has felt earthquakes many times living in California and Seattle.

Despite that frame of reference, my mind didn’t immediately go to earthquake. I was still thinking it was something specific to our house. So, I texted my sister to tell her to check in with us later to make sure nothing terrible was going on. However, she responded letting me know that she felt the shaking, too. When I heard that, I immediately made the earthquake connection – it took her a few extra minutes since she has never lived somewhere where earthquakes are somewhat common.

Twitter started lighting up with posts about folks feeling the earthquake, so we kept our eye on the news for more details.

Shortly after our text conversation, the tweets from the news stations started coming out. Within 15 minutes, it was confirmed that there was an earthquake along the border of Georgia and South Carolina.

Now, here is the difference between a woman who grew up in GA (where earthquakes are rare) and a man who grew up in Southern California (where they have earthquakes a lot). Rahn started snoring away just minutes after hearing confirmation of the earthquake. I, on the other hand, am wired and cannot sleep a wink. On the flip side, when we get window-rattling, house-shaking thunderstorms, I sleep like a baby and he stares wide-eyed at the ceiling all night.

I’m beginning to wonder what is coming next. My sister suggested locusts. I, however, hope it’s frogs… my boys would enjoy that more.

How’s the weather where you are? Did any of you feel the earthquake? If so, where are you?


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    Mother Nature definitely has been through some “changes” lately. The weather wasn’t actually bad today. Sure, there is still a little snow on the ground, but it wasn’t brutally cold like it has been. Never know what tomorrow will bring, though. 😉

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    An earthquake would be scary, we are just getting snow and more snow. We were supposed to get 4 inches on Thursday but ended up with 14 inches. I am over this winter!

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    When we lived in LA we felt small earthquakes all under 2.0 but since the newer buildings were on rollers, our building would just kind of sway a little. It woke us up one time but we quickly went back to sleep when it stopped. I think we were blessed to escape without feeling anything more significant.

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    Whoa that is just crazy. Stay safe.

    weather here in Florida has been a little chilly (40’s) but this week it’s warming back up to the high 70’s-mid 80’s.

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    I’m in Alabama; we didn’t feel the earthquake but the weather has been nutty. We and ice and snow for 2 1/2 days and then 60 degrees and now it is nearly 70 degrees – I wore shorts today!

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    Our weather has been very odd this year. About three weeks ago, we had several days of powdery snow, which is rare here. Our snow is usually very wet and heavy. It melted into a muddy, gray mess, and now it’s sunny and warm for Portland standards. Warm meaning around 50ish degrees or so.

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    It was hard to endure this winter season not because it was so cold (it was actually warmer than any other winter I’ve experienced). See we moved from South Dakota to Texas… southern winters are supposed to be mild, right?! HA! One of the ten coldest North Texas winters on record and the most freezes ever. Sigh. Looks like I brought the cold from the north with me when we moved 😉 Hopefully winter 2014/2015 will be milder and we won’t have to put on gloves and parkas!

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    Gee – I didn’t even know that there had been an earthquake. I live in Alabama and I know that on the rare occasion we get them, too.

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