“I Lost My Count,” Oy Vey!

While surfing the Internet for stuff to do with the kids, I ran across this post about the unpleasant things kids pick up while out on walks. It reminded me of a walk I took with the boys back in December.When the weather is nice, the boys and I take a walk around the block after dinner.  Heck, even when it’s not so nice, we try to go on our walks.

Christmas LightsThe holiday season is especially popular with the boys because we walk around and look at all the Christmas lights.  Isaac immediately had favorites and took to naming many of the decoations – so, in addition to Frosty the Snowman, Santa and the Grinch, we had Mr. Freddy’s Reindeer,  Uncle Dana the snowman, Aunt Ami the angel, and Ike’s absolute favorite, the humongous inflatable snowman known as Bob.

In an effort to make the walks a little more intellectually stimulating, we’d do fun things like counting various decorations. A few houses down, our neighbors lined their driveway with 16 little candy canes. Each night, we would stop for Isaac to count them. He kept counting over and over again and not getting the right number because he would start counting so fast that he would inevitably skip one or two.

After a few attempts, I stopped him and asked, “did you lose count?” He responded, “Yeah Daddy, I lost my count.” He then started searching the driveway for his elusive “count.” He searched and searched, then picked up an imaginary “count.” He would then take his “count,” and go back to count the lights again.  He would then lose it again, and we would repeat the process.

Finally, after about a dozen times, he got bored, and after losing his “count” one final time, we moved on.  He continued to search the sidewalk for his “count.”  On the way to the next house, he picked up a stick and said, “I really found it this time.” He happily carried the stick the rest of the way around the block, and counted everything else with no problems.

When we got home, I suggested he put his “count” on the side of the driveway so he wouldn’t lose it again.  He was tired, and said, “Here daddy, you put it away.” When he tried to hand it to me, I got a better look at it. Turns out, he hadn’t picked up a stick at all… his “count” was, let’s just say, an unpleasant “decoration” left behind by a neighborhood dog.


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      I guess I should just be happy that Ike picked it up and not Moose – Moose is still in that “Everything-I-pick-up-goes-straight-into-my-mouth” phase.

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      Adorable and gross. I guess some of our neighbors have missed the signs reminding them that it is their “doodie” to clean up after their dogs.

  1. Bubbie Becky says

    Of course, if it was halloween, he could have used his count for a trick if not given a treat. “Thank you for not giving me a treat Mr. (or Mrs. or Ms.) and to show you I am not mad, I will give you a treat instead. Hold out your hand. Happy Halloween.” And then run like the wind!

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    LOL! I have had that happen before when my son thought he has a really cool looking rock! UGH! Scrubbing his hands was an understatement! Kids are so sweet! I just love their innocents!
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