How to Cut Fabric (When You Don’t Have a Cutting Table at Home)


I admit it, I am jealous of the cutting tables that they have at the fabric store. The scissor channel allows them to get a perfectly straight lines every time.

Cutting fabric at home used to involve crawling along the floor hoping that my scissors were following a straight line. Or, using a rotary cutter and a straight edge, while constantly moving my tiny cutting board along underneath the fabric… all the while risking accidentally moving the straight edge, thus angling  my supposedly straight cut.

Well, I finally found the solution. Using a table with a leaf and a roll of wide painters tap, I was able to create a cutting table with a scissor channel, just like the ones at the fabric store!

1. Pull apart your table so that there is a small channel between the two leaves.

2. Place a wide piece of painters tape along the entire width of the table, making sure that it dips down slightly into the channel.

3. Place your fabric on the table, with the spot you want to cut directly over the scissor channel.

4. Place your scissors in the scissor channel, and cut a perfectly straight line.

You can clamp the fabric onto the table if you are worried that it might move around. We don’t have craft clamps, so I just used a couple of the beach towel clamps that my mom gave me for summers by the pool.

The painters tape should protect your table, from scratches. However, I might add some extra protection, such as a strip of felt beneath the painters tape if you are concerned.

While finding an easy way to cut large pieces of fabric at home is great, it isn’t worth ruining your great grandmothers antique dining table shipped all the way from France.

What are your favorite tips and tricks for sewing and craft projects?

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      Glad you like the tip… but what makes you think I know how to use a sewing machine? I couldn’t even tell you the parts of a sewing machine… but I sure do love iron-on adhesive. 🙂

      Maybe I will borrow my mom’s sewing machine and take a class sometime.

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    This is Terrific, I am a SAHM, with ‘retired’ status to add on the end. ( Homeschooling is over and I still get to be home!).. I can’t figure out a way to cut a straight line for a tea towel. I have blue tape on my table, but it still is not helping alot.
    Any ideas are appreciated.
    thanks so much!

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      Do you by any chance have a T-square? I use the groove created by the separation of the table leaves (protected by the painter’s tape) to guide the scissors, but I often use a T-square to make sure that I have my fabric lined up just right first. Do you think that might help solve your problem?

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