How to Cut Burlap

Burlap is a popular fabric for crafting and home decor. I love the rustic look that burlap crafts lend to a room. However, I do not like the frayed and jagged edges that you get if you don’t cut burlap correctly.

Follow these simple steps to cut your burlap, and you will have a perfect edge every single time:

1. Lay the burlap on a flat surface, and determine where you want to cut it.
2. Cut 1-2 inches into the edge of the burlap, and then stop.
3. On one side of the cut, pull out a single thread from the burlap.

4. Pull the thread towards you until the entire thread is removed from the width of the fabric.


  • The fabric will bunch up as you pull.
  • You need to pull firmly, but don’t pull too hard, or you will break the thread.
  • If you do break the thread, cut along the straight line up to the point where the thread broke.
  • Repeat steps 2-4, making sure that you pull out the end of the same piece of thread that broke, until the entire thread is removed and your straight cutting line goes across the entire width of the fabric.

5. Cut along the line created where the thread was removed, and you will have a perfectly straight edge.

Now that you know how to cut the burlap, here are a few of my favorite ideas for using it:

Are you using burlap in your home decor or crafting? If so, how?


    • says

      This technique will really help you out with a bow – you will get straight edges on both sides of your strip of fabric. I hope to see the wreath on your blog in the future.

  1. says

    Great tips! This came at a perfect time since I like burlap for the rustic look but I’ve never cut it before. I plan on using burlap for photo props and some house decor. Thanks for sharing this!
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    • says

      This trick really does come in handy for crafting and home decor. It gives you a much cleaner edge. I hope to see some of your burlap projects on your blog!

  2. Beth says

    I just made a burlap ribbon wreath for the outside of my front door. I didn’t use burlap fabric because I didn’t want the frayed edges or it to gradually unravel as I pulled off strings every time I walked by. I could have saved money using the fabric… I did make different color bows to change with the seasons (orange for fall, red for Christmas through Valentines Day, lime for spring, and aqua for summer). Now, I am inspired to do more, thanks!

      • Beth says

        You also inspired me with the idea of making placemats with burlap fabric from your favorite ideas at the end of the article. The price of placemats is usually ridiculous, burlap ones (cut properly) would be dirt cheap, cute, easy, durable, and match almost anything. Thanks!

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