{Fitness Friday} Setting a New Goal

Three years ago, I started walking… a lot. I met friends and we chatted as we pushed strollers around the mall or the park. When I started, I could barely walk a mile without feeling exhausted. However, after a few short months, I didn’t think a walk was worth it if it was shorter than 5 miles.

I had a great time with my friends, and lost 60 pounds along the way.

Unfortunately, as the kids got older, and new babies came along, we all found that finding time to walk got harder and harder. Without my friends to make it fun, I stopped walking regularly, and I’ve gained back about half of the weight I lost.

I simply MUST get moving again. Maybe having a goal, albeit a crazy one, will help motivate me. So, I am going to try to walk/run a half marathon in about a year.

Yes, I realize that that is more than 13 miles – which is a really long way for someone who has always said that the only reason a person should run is if someone is chasing them.

What about you? Do you have a fitness goal? Are you training for your first race… or maybe your 47th? Maybe you are just trying to find the motivation to get off the couch and go out for a walk each day. Either way, write about it!

I will update you on my progress every couple of weeks in a Fitness Friday post. I hope that you will write about your goals, progress and setbacks and post links to your personal stories. Let’s help motivate each other – and maybe help some other folks get motivated along the way, too.


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    I look forward to following your progress! I’m about to start walking too in preparation for getting pregnant, but right now I’m like you were before where I get exhausted easily. I’m hoping to build that up soon!

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      Shell, I bet you will be surprised by how quickly your fitness level will improve. I hope you will share your progress on Fitness Friday.

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      WOW – you walked an entire marathon? I really hope that I can do the half marathon. If you walked that marathon, you can definitely get motivated again… as for finding time, well, that can be a bit harder. Good luck – and update us with your progress!

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      I’m sorry to hear that you’ve got gestational diabetes. But I guess the upside (if there is one) is that you’ve got the best motivation of all to make the changes you need to make. I hope you find that’s it isn’t too difficult.

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    I am also walking. Today I managed 3.2 miles at 3.0mph, which is far better than I have been doing the past 6 weeks! My goal is a 13.1 in 8 months.

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      Good luck. I hope you will write about your progress and post on a future Fitness Friday linkup. I would love to get some tips on training!

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    You should do one of the Disney Half Marathons. Everyone tells me if you’re going to do one, do one of theirs because you can stop and take pictures with the characters along the way!

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      A Disney half is what I am shooting for… but if I stop to get my picture taken with the characters, I’m pretty sure that the last picture will be with the character driving the sweeper bus that will be picking me up to take me back to the finish line because I didn’t maintain the minimum pace. Ha!

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      October seems like a reasonable time frame… however, there is no way I could keep up with 2 teenagers. 😉

      Good luck! I hope you will write about your progress and post on a Fitness Friday Linkup in the future.

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      I’m an odd one when it comes to the weather. The warmer weather actually makes it harder for me. I would rather bundle up and go out in the winter than deal with the Georgia heat and humidity during the summer. YUCK!

      Thanks for wishing me good luck. I can use all of the luck I can get.

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    I have started walking on our treadmill almost daily. I am just trying to lose weight and get a bit more fit. But I think if my PT gives me the OK then I will try the C25K app.

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      I am using Ease into 5k. I have also tried Ease into 10K. Hopefully I can stick with it!

      I hope you get good news from your PT soon – and if you are in the Atlanta area and need a training buddy, let me know. 😀


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