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Well, it’s official… I am running (or run/walking) the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February 2014.

The registration is complete, the money spent, the hotel reservations made… there is no turning back now.

When my friend first suggested running a half marathon, I thought she was crazy. That is 13.1 miles! However, something inside of me said, “you can do this!”

Research online will tell you that anyone can train to run a half marathon in six months (or less)… even beginners. There are great training plans and testimonials from people who have used them (I am going to try the Galloway method, which focuses on walk/run intervals).

But even with a great training plan, I need help staying motivated. I need a support system.

I have wonderful family and friends who support me and are willing to train with me. Unfortunately, our schedules don’t always match.

I was starting to worry about how to keep myself motivated through this training process, until I found the solution at a 5k I ran in June. Among the vendors, there was a tent for Moms Run This Town (MRTT), a “nation-wide running club for moms.”

At first, I almost passed it by thinking that it was just for “experienced” runners. But, I decided to stop and ask a few questions.  I was quickly assured that it is for walkers and runners of all levels, and the MRTT members running the tent were so nice and supportive that I decided to check it out.

When I got home from the 5k, I joined the Facebook page for my local MRTT chapter and introduced myself. Within hours, I had multiple replies to my message. Some were just messages of support (which are much appreciated), while others were from people in my area looking for running buddies.

I now have local training buddies for the Disney Princess Half Marathon whom I run with on a weekly basis. On top of that, my local chapter coordinates group runs, interval training classes, race discounts, group photos at local races – and they have already proven to be a great online support group.

The best parts… membership is FREE and you get to decide your level of participation (although, the more you participate, the more you will get out of it).

Find a chapter near you and sign up today. If you don’t see a chapter in your area, start your own. You won’t regret it.

With this kind of support, I know that I will cross the finish line in February!

What keeps you motivated?

Note: I did not receive any compensation to write this post. All of the opinions are my own… and I just couldn’t help but share them.



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    • says

      I have bad knees (one worse than the other), which is why I am walking more than running. But, luckily, my “bad” knee isn’t bad enough to keep me from doing it. Sorry to hear that your knee trouble keeps you from running.

  1. Felissa says

    How awesome! That sounds like a great group. I always found that having supportive individuals around when exercising made it so much better. I used to love my Curves workout group in KY for that reason. I would be in there and not even realize time had passed because we were too busy chatting. Unfortunately the curves that I have been to in Atl. were not like that.

    • says

      I’ve done a couple of 10k races – but I walk a lot. You really can do any distance as long as you are realistic with your goals. If you are able to run the whole thing, that is great, but finishing is the real prize.

      As for me – I don’t expect to run a whole race… of any distance. My knees are too old for that (I like to say that I am 42, but my knees are 62).

      I hope your husband joins you – they are really a fun activity to do together. My hubby is a runner – he is much faster than I am, but when we do races together, we often take a kid in the stroller and he sticks with me to encourage me the whole way. I am a lucky woman.

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