Fillings and Fillers… Oy Vey

When did going to the dentist become a spa experience?

Nowadays, just walking into the waiting room feels like walking into the lobby of a luxurious hotel with a world-class spa awaiting you. Peaceful music and the sounds of the water feature fill the air. Soothing colors and decor welcome you.

Sounds relaxing, right? Since when has going to the dentist become a relaxing experience? Usually thoughts of the dentist office make a person cringe in fear.

I guess with new technology being used to make better toothbrushes, more effective toothpaste and rinses, etc. dentists really have to work hard to get your business. It also doesn’t help that there is competition on every block. Dentists now have to hire marketing and PR consultants to stay on top of things.

I also noticed on my last visit that my dentist is now certified to administer Botox and other anti-aging treatments. He has a menu of services to choose from. Now that’s a surprise! He is no longer just a dentist, but an image consultant!

Today I took my son to the dentist. It wasn’t just a spa, it was an entire beach resort!

Ili's SmilePalm trees and beach chairs in the waiting room, pictures of seahorses and Nemo on the wall, Tiki huts and surf boards throughout. How exciting!!

My three-year-old didn’t cry at all (which is not what I was expecting). He got to meet “Mr. Tickles” who cleaned his teeth, and “Mr. Slurpy” who gave him kisses.  All the while he was wearing cool sunglasses and watching his favorite movie on the flat screen TV.

He got bubble gum flavored toothpaste, a fun toy, stickers, and a goody bag!

Not a bad experience at all. Definitely not the dentist visits I had as a kid.

No longer can parents threaten their kids with the dentist if they don’t brush regularly.  Are these changes a good thing or just another way to baby and spoil our kids?

Maybe this generation of kids will grow up liking the dentist and not stressing or postponing dental visits like some adults I know (my husband :-)).

We made it through the visit with smiles and not a single “oy vey.” I’d say that’s a good thing, and I’m all for it!

My kids’ dentist recommends this tootbrush. We bought one for my daughter:


  1. Firoz Rangwala says

    My dentist still looks like he gets sadistic pleasure from inflicting pain every time I go to see him. It’s the gleam in his eyes that has been the source of dental nightmares since my childhood days. Most kids blame their parents for being messed up…I blame my dentist!

  2. Ambrina says

    Love this Sonicare toothbrush, my older one has been using it for a while now and it has really made a difference in effective brushing for him….worth the investment for him, but replacement brushes for 7 year plus, I can’t find locally so we have to order it online. Walmart carries the replacement, but be sure to check before you buy usually for 4 years plus, so the brush is smaller…

    • Amynah says

      Thanks for the info Ambrina…I didn’t even think to check before I ordered the brush.
      Hopefully it will come with the 7+ attachment.

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