Favorite Products

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Label your kid’s stuff rather than losing and replacing it! These sites have great labels for everything from shoes to sippy cups:

Here are links to some of my favorite baby & kid gear:

  • Hands down, the best snack cup out there (and I wasted tons of money on several others before finding this). As a matter of fact, it is so handy that my sister bought a few to hold the office supplies she uses for her couponing: Munchie Mug – Spill Resistant Snack Cup for Toddlers. Made in AMERICA.
  • A friend recommended this handy helper to me. If you have kids who don’t want to wash their hands because they can’t reach the faucet, you might want to check it out: Aqueduck Faucet Extender
  • If you are sick of having to pull the straps out from under your child when trying to get him into his carseat, these may be for you. For younger kids, they make it easier for you to get your baby in the seat. For older kids, it puts the straps in just the right place for them to learn to pull the straps over their shoulders and start buckling themselves in: Lulaclips Seat Harness Clip

These are some of my favorite iPhone and iPad apps:

I use Ebates to get cash back when I shop online!