My Favorite Snack Cup & Car Seat Accessory

If you are looking for a great snack cup or a car seat accessory that makes it easier to get your child into or out of his/her car seat, check out the products below.

The Munchie Mug is hands down, the best snack cup out there (and I wasted a lot of money on several others before finding this). As a matter of fact, it is so handy that my sister bought a few to hold the office supplies, like paperclips and binder clips.
If you are sick of fighting with the car seat straps while getting your (often sleeping) child into or out of his/her carseat, the Lulaclips Seat Harness Clips may be just the thing you need.With my younger son, who still fights being put in his carseat, the Lulaclips Seat Harness Clips make it easier for me to strap him in. They are also great for my older son who is learning to be more self-sufficient – the clips put the straps in just the right place for him to pull the straps over his shoulders and start buckling himself in.

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