Thanksgiving Craft: Soda Can Pilgrim Man

Are you looking for a fun Thanksgiving craft? Maybe a unique Thanksgiving decoration for your house… one that none of your friends will have? If so, gather up those old soda cans and turn them into pilgrims.

This craft would be fun to do with the kids. Even younger kids can do some of the cutting. Just make sure that the person handling the hot glue gun is old enough to know how to use it safely.

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Shape and paint the soda can

  1. Tear off the soda can tab.
  2. Rinse out the soda can.
  3. Gently crush and bend the cans so that the top of the can tilts forward and the bottom tilts back.
  4. Spray paint the entire can black (including the top and bottom), and let completely dry.
  5. When the black paint is dry, paint the top (face) of the soda can and the rim with the flesh-colored craft paint.

While the paint dries, cut out the pilgrim features

(You can design your own, or use my templates)

  1. Cut the 2 arms and 1 hat out of stiff black felt.
  2. Cut 1 hat band and 1 belt out of brown felt.
  3. Cut 1 hat buckle and 1 belt buckle out of gold felt.
  4. Cut 1 collar and 2 cuffs out of white felt.
  5. Cut a 1 ¼” x 3” rectangle out of black felt.

Attach the features to the soda can

  1. Glue the collar around the rim of the top (face) of the soda can.
  2. Glue the brown belt onto the can about 2 inches from the bottom, and then glue the gold belt buckle to the center of the belt.
  3. Glue the white cuffs to the ends of the arms, and then glue the arms to the back of the can.
  4. Glue the brown hat band to the hat, and then trim the edges so that they match the angled line of the hat.
  5. Glue the gold buckle to the hat band.
  6. Glue the eyes onto the top (face) of the can.
  7. Glue the hat onto the top rim of the top (face) of the can.
  8. Glue the piece of scrap felt to the back of the hat and the back of the soda can (I placed mine underneath the collar so that the back would look neater). This piece of felt will give a little extra stability to the hat.

Check back later this week to learn how to make his lovely wife.

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  1. says

    This is such a clever idea. I agree you should get a commission. I’m recycling from soda cans at work. I’d love it if you linked this to What’d You Do This Weekend.

    Wishes for tasty dishes.

  2. says

    These cracked me up! They look like they are screaming – I’d like to make a turkey of one of them 🙂

    Thanks for sharing and I’m pinning!
    Stephanie from


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