DIY Halloween: Homemade Charlie Brown and Linus Halloween Costumes (Cheap and Easy)

When my son Ike was a baby, something about him reminded me of Charlie Brown. At one point, we even called him “the little round-headed kid.” So, when his first Halloween rolled around, I knew we had to dress him as Charlie Brown.

This costume is so simple to make. All it takes is a pair of black pants, a yellow t-shirt (or onesie), and a roll of black Duck tape. You may even have all of these items in your house already!

To create the Charlie Brown shirt, just tear off pieces of Duck tape and stick them on the shirt diagnoally, changing direction as you go to create a zig-zag pattern. You can continue the zig-zag all the way around the shirt, or just stop at the side seams so it only appears on the front.

We loved this costume so much, that we decided to use it for my son Max’s first Halloween, too. That year, Ike really didn’t care what he was for Halloween, so we asked him if he wanted to be Linus, Charlie Brown’s best friend. Thankfully, he said yes.

The Linus costume was even easier. We just dressed him in blue pants and a striped shirt, and had him carry one of Max’s light blue baby blankets.

Whether you plan ahead or decide last-minute, these costumes are extremely easy and inexpensive to make… and they are darned cute, too!

What was your child’s first Halloween costume?


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      Hmm – I guess it depends on what the girls want to be. I know that my boys will reach an age soon where I don’t have the skills to make the costume that they want. But, for now, I am enjoying putting them together. What are your girls going to be for Halloween?

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    The kids looks adorable and I love the charlie brown costume. Sadly, I don’t remember what my first Halloween costume was; I remember my daughters though, she was a pumpkin.


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