DIY Halloween Decorations: No-Sew Jack-o-Lantern Chair Covers

I love the idea of decorating for Halloween. However, whenever I’ve tried to decorate in the past, I either found that the store-bought Halloween decorations were too expensive, or the do-it-yourself craft ideas were too complicated for the likes of me (a mediocre crafter).

This year, I have come up with a great list of DIY Halloween decorations, many of which can be repurposed for other holidays/seasons.

I began my Halloween crafting by creating a Halloween wreath that can be reused for Thanksgiving, Christmas – and probably even Spring or Summer – simply by changing a ribbon and a few decorations.

Next up, I created adorable jack-o-lantern chair covers. This no-sew fabric craft is the perfect addition to any Halloween house – and when Halloween is over, the jack-o-lantern faces can be removed and replaced with leaves or a Thanksgiving turkey.

Click here for printable instructions for the No-Sew Jack-o-Lantern Chair Covers.

Click here for a printable jack-o-lantern face template.


  • Orange Felt (amount will depend on the size and number of the chairs you want to cover)
  • Black Felt
  • Measuring Tape
  • Straight Pins
  • Scissors and/or a rotary cutter
  • Cutting Mat (if using a rotary cutter)
  • Straight Edge (I used a large t-square)
  • Heavy duty iron-on adhesive (such as Stitch-Witchery or Heat Bond)
  • Velcro
  • Iron
  • Pressing cloth (I used a tea towel)


Measure and cut fabric

  1. Determine how long you want the back of your chair cover to be. (I like the back of the cover to end just below the seat brace.)
  2. Length: Run the measuring tape from the seat of the chair, over the top and down the back to the spot where you want the chair cover to end. This measurement determines how long your fabric needs to be.
  3. Width: Measure the width of your chair back at the widest point. Add 2 inches (1 inch per side) to leave room for the iron-on adhesive, and ensure that the cover isn’t too tight.
  4. Cut your fabric using the length and width measurements from steps 2 and 3.

Iron seams using iron-on adhesive

    1. Place the fabric over the chair, with the front resting just on the seat of the chair, and then pin the sides of the fabric.
    2. Pull the pinned fabric off of the chair and head to the ironing board.
    3. Follow the instructions on your iron-on adhesive package to create your no-sew seams (using a damp pressing cloth makes it much easier).
    4. When the seams are done, turn the fabric right-side out. Be sure to push out both top corners.
    5. Because the back is longer, you will notice that the bottom of the chair cover is now wider than the rest of it. You have several choices on how to deal with this: 1) Leave it as is; 2) Cut away the extra fabric (making sure that both sides are symmetrical and straight); or 3) Fold the wider edge in, lining it up with the seam, and then use iron-on adhesive to secure it. I chose option 3.

Add the jack-o-lantern face

  1. Cut out Jack-o-lantern features from your black felt. You can do this freehand or use my template.
  2. Cut out small pieces of the hook (hard) side of a strip of Velcro, and attach them to the corners/edges of your jack-o-lantern features using the same iron-on adhesive you used to create the chair cover.
  3. Stick the jack-o-lantern features directly onto your chair cover. It is a good idea to do this when the cover is already on the chair so that you get the features exactly where you want them.

Do you have a favorite Halloween decoration? Is it homemade or store bought?


I love a good party (here are some sites where you can find a lot of great ideas all in one place):
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  1. says

    These are so cute! And perfect for the not so crafty crafter like myself! 🙂 You could totally make a bunch for different holidays too!!

  2. Beth says

    Did the felt come from the fabric on the bolts? How much did you spend and how many chairs did you do? Did the boys love this?

    • says

      I made 8 dining chair covers (some are Ghosts – stay tuned for that post tomorrow). I bought about 4.5 yards of the felt (bolt) for the covers themselves, and then a yard of black for the faces.

      I got the felt on sale for $2.99/yard. So, the fabric was about $16.50 on the fabric. I did end up using a lot of Velcro and iron-on adhesive. I spent at least $18 more on those things (look for coupons to get those cheaper)

      There is no reason that it should cost more than $40 to make 8 chair covers, or $5 each. I spent a little less, and even had enough felt leftover to make some mini chair covers for the kids’ mini folding chairs.

      They boys like them – Max keeps going on and on about the “punkins.” Isaac had fun helping us put the faces on… Max just wanted to run away with the eyes (or noses or mouths).


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