Disney Princess Half Marathon

Disney Princess Half Marathon – I’m a Finisher!

I did it! I wasn’t sure that I could, but with the support of my family and my friend, Amynah, I finished the 2014 Disney Princess Half Marathon.


I’m pretty proud of this accomplishment considering that less than a month ago, I was told by my doctor that a bone in my foot (a metatarsal) had died and was, in his words, “sitting in my foot rotting” (I think he needs to work on his bedside manner).

My Thoughts on the Disney Princess Half Marathon

You can walk it – especially if you are in an earlier corral.

If you are considering walking the Disney Princess Half Marathon, I would recommend trying to run a qualifying 10k, and submitting your qualifying time in the hopes of being assigned to an earlier corral.

Before I was injured, I ran a qualifying 10k that put me in a middle corral. Because of that, I was able to walk at a very comfortable pace and finish the race without a problem.

As it was explained to me, the cutoff clock of 3 1/2 hours starts when the last person crosses the start line. Because I was in an earlier corral, I crossed the start line at least 30 minutes prior to the last person.

Be prepared for any weather.

It was extremely humid on race day, however, thanks to the cloud cover, the temperature stayed in the 60s for most of the race. However, many racers were talking about previous years when it was in the 80s the entire race.

Be prepared to wake up early and walk a lot before the race even starts.

We caught a shuttle to the race at 3:30 AM. After arriving we hung out in the staging area for a bit, and then walked about a half mile to our corral near the starting line.


5:00 AM at the starting line

Don’t expect to see a lot of the parks.

I was a bit disappointed to realize that most of the race was on roads around the parks. I would estimate that 3 out of the 13.1 miles were actually inside parks (Epcot and Magic Kingdom).

This was my first visit to Disney World. If you have been to Disney World, this might not come as a surprise to you because you know how spread out the parks are.

You are paying for the location, not the swag bag, etc.

My husband runs marathons, so I have seen many swag bags and attended many race expos. The race expo and swag bag for Disney were nothing special.

The exorbitant race fee is all about the location and the excitement of running among 20,000 other racers. Is it worth it? Only you can say. I’m glad I did it, but I’m not sure I would pay it a second time.

At the very least, wear a tiara.

I am not one to wear a tutu or costume for a race. I love seeing everyone else in them, but I’m not comfortable in them. I did, however, find a small tiara headband and wore it for the race. It wasn’t dramatic, but it sure did make me feel like a Princess.

Have fun.

A race like this isn’t about getting a personal record. With that many racers and that many character photo ops, you are sure to find yourself in lines or a bottlenecks several times during the race.

The Disney Princess Half Marathon is about the experience, so enjoy every minute of it.


Have you ever run a Disney race? What did you think?


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    I have not run in a Disney race, but think I would like to. I appreciate your insight – I would have thought that the entire race was inside the park(s). At least now if I ever do get to go, I will know a little bit more of what to expect.

    • says

      Jennifer, I really didn’t train. Unfortunately, all of my injuries prevented me from doing much. Thankfully, I had gotten used to walking long distances, so my muscles were OK with the distance.

      Prior to the injuries, I was using the Jeff Galloway run/walk interval program. I would recommend it – however, there are other great interval programs, too.

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    I am not a runner but I would like to be. This race looks like it would really be a lot of fun. Congratulations on your finish!

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    I’m glad you had fun and finished! I did the Tinker Bell half in January and about 5 miles of it are in the parks themselves, or in the backlot. I am planning on doing the Princess in 2016!

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    I have never run a Disney race but would love to. I love fun races. I do a lot of marathons and triathlons. I love location races. It just makes life more fun. Congratulations on your race finish.
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