Disney Princess Half Marathon, Here I Come!

It has been seven months since I signed up for the Disney Princess half marathon. Back then, it seemed like the race was far, far in the future. Now, it is just a few days away.

A lot has changed since I signed up. Back then, I planned to train with a walk/run interval program with a goal to run more miles in one race than I ever had before.

Unfortunately, after multiple stress fractures, an ongoing bone issue in my foot, and months in and out of an orthopedic boot, I had to change my goal.

My doctor has informed me that I cannot run – ever.

In other words, if I want to complete this half marathon, I have to do it walking. I know that I can walk 13.1 miles, however, I am not sure how long it will take me. The cutoff time is 3 ½ hours, but I think that my time will be closer to 4 hours – especially if my foot starts to hurt.

If I can’t finish in 3 ½ hours, that means that I may get “swept” from the course and never have a chance to finish. I really want to finish and get my medal, but the possibility of failing won’t keep me from trying. I suppose that starting and not finishing is still better than never starting at all.

They say Disney is a magical place… maybe Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother will throw a little magic my way on race day!


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    I hope you did well! I was following along with a few friends who ran it this year. I am setting it as a goal for 2016 so we can save up for the whole family to go.

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    While you’re sitting there with doubt and fears, I’m sitting here in complete awe of you. You have had setbacks and instead of accepting them with your injuries and saying “oh well it wasn’t meant to be” you are going for it still. You aren’t giving up on wanting to finish it whether it’s walking or running. And that right there is inspiring! And to think I’m freaking out over a measly 5k.
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