Christmas Crafts: Broken Ornament Christmas Wreath

How many of you have a box of broken Christmas ornaments that you can’t bring yourself to throw away because they have sentimental value? My mom had a box like that. Some were ornaments my sister and I made over the years, and others were ornaments that had belonged to her mother or mother-in-law. Others are just ornaments that remind my mom of happy memories or funny stories from Christmases past.

The broken ornaments sat in their box year after year, left out of all of the Christmas cheer. This year, we decided to do something with my mom’s broken ornaments. We created a broken ornament Christmas wreath. It is so simple, yet will last year after year.

Broken Ornament Christmas Wreath ~

As a matter of fact, my mom has said that she is starting to tire of decorating every year. She loves the look of the house with the halls “decked,” but the “decking” itself is getting to be a bit much. So, each year, we are going to make another wreath like this with broken ornaments – or just some of her favorites. Hanging several of these wreaths will give the house the same feel as having a decorated Christmas tree without all the work.

Tips for making a broken ornament wreath:

  1. Use floral wire to attach ornaments to the wreath. Thread the wire through, or wrap it around the ornament. Then, thread the wire through the wreath and twist it in the back to secure the ornament.
  2. For fabric ornaments, put a safety pin through the back of the ornament, and then thread the floral wire through the safety pin.
  3. For ornaments that have nothing to thread the wire through or wrap the wire around, glue a jewelry pin to the back of the ornament (I got a bag of bar pin backs for $2.00 at Walmart), and then thread the wire through the jewelry pin.
  4. Add as many or as few ornaments as you like. You can even add additional ornaments each year as new ones break.
  5. There is no right or wrong way to do this – just make a wreath that you like.
  6. Be sure to write down the stories for all of your ornaments. You can put it in an envelope attached to the back – or roll it up, tie it with a ribbon, and tuck it in among the ornaments.

What do you do with your broken ornaments?


  1. says

    This is such a great idea! We have a ton of ornaments that our son or the cats have gotten ahold of, but they’re too sentimental to throw out.


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