Something Isn’t Kosher in the Smoky Mountains

Bacon and Eggs in Frying Pan

“Always wear clean underwear in case you’re in a car accident.” That’s a piece of advice my mom gave me. But she never told me to “wear nice pajamas when you are staying at a resort in case someone burns bacon late at night.” I sure could have used that advice while vacationing in the Smoky Mountains recently. I have had the odd midnight-snack craving in my day, but I have never gotten up late Continue Reading

Delusional Shoposaurus… Oy Vey

Dino Day - Daddy, don't let him eat me

Like all moms, I was completely delusional before I had kids. All of my "mommy" friends told me so... as a matter of fact, they seemed to relish telling me so. Within days of becoming a mom, I started to think that they might be right. Now, almost 4 years into motherhood, I don't think they even came close to adequately describing how delusional I was. I also think they may be completely Continue Reading