Seven Healthy Life Hacks for Moms

Raise your hand if being a mom keeps you busy morning, noon and night! Now, raise your hand if you have found your well-though-out plans for healthy living fall by the wayside as you desperately run from one practice/class/errand to the next. That happens to me more often than I like to admit. Things will be going well for a while, but then life speeds up and we find ourselves falling into the Continue Reading

Getting our Garden Growing {Again} with Miracle-Gro Organic Choice

This post brought to you by Organic Choice. All opinions are 100% mine. Spring Garden with Miracle-Gro Organic Choice - Take One We love the benefits of a backyard garden. Not only do we get great food for our table, we also help the environment and teach our kids about responsibility and earth-friendly practices. After the harsh winter this year, we were excited to start planting our garden. Continue Reading

We Are Getting Our Garden Growing with Miracle-Gro Organic Choice

This post brought to you by Organic Choice. All opinions are 100% mine. Getting the Garden Ready The promise of Spring is finally in the air – at least it is here in Georgia. After our coldest March on record, temperatures appear to be inching upwards. Last night, I hope, was our final freeze for the season. Around our house, warmer temps not only mean packing up the winter clothes, they also Continue Reading

Catch It All With Help from Best Buy

Catch it All Now at Best Buy

How I Catch It All It may be hard to believe, but two years ago, all I owned was a “dumb” phone. One that I used only a few times a week, and only for voice calls. Technically, I think it was possible to send a text on the phone, but I didn’t really know how. Today, I cannot imagine life without my smartphone. It is so much more than just a communication device. I use it to stay organized, Continue Reading

Save or Splurge: Are These 5 Things Worth their Price?

I have never been the type of woman to spend an entire paycheck on makeup, shoes or clothes – but that doesn't mean that I don’t like nice things. The best way to get the nice things you want without busting the budget is by knowing where you can save and where you should splurge. Clutch: Save A great evening clutch can perfect your evening look. Although it may seem tempting to buy a YSL Continue Reading

Shepherd’s Pie with Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Crumbles #JDCrumbles

#spon: I'm required to disclose a relationship between our site and Jimmy Dean. This could include Jimmy Dean providing us w/content, product, access or other forms of payment. Shepherd's pie (or cottage pie) is a fun Irish meal to serve on St. Patrick's Day. It is a tasty and filling "meat and potatoes" dish with a hearty dose of veggies tossed in. For many people, a traditional Continue Reading

Orlando Stroller Rentals Makes Travel Easier – Review

You are taking your family to Disney World - or maybe Universal Studios or any of the other great recreation options in Orlando, FL. The hotel is booked, the tickets purchased – all that’s left is to pack. That seems simple, right? Well, with kids, it never is. You need extra changes of clothes, diapers, sippy cups, bottles, pacifiers, toys, books… and who knows what else. But, you’ve done it, Continue Reading