Seven Healthy Life Hacks for Moms

Raise your hand if being a mom keeps you busy morning, noon and night! Now, raise your hand if you have found your well-though-out plans for healthy living fall by the wayside as you desperately run from one practice/class/errand to the next. That happens to me more often than I like to admit. Things will be going well for a while, but then life speeds up and we find ourselves falling into the Continue Reading

The 52-Week Money Challenge and Beyond: Money Saving Tips for the New Year ~ Saving Money

The 52-Week Money Challenge I’ve heard a lot of people talking about the 52-week money challenge. The goal of the 52 week challenge is to save the week number in dollars for each of the year's 52 weeks. For example, during week one (Dec 30, 2013 – Jan 6, 2014), you save $1.00, during week 26 (June 23-29), you save $26, during week 52 (Dec 22-28), you save $52.00. If you save the week number in Continue Reading

Fellowes Shredders Help Protect Against Identity Theft Before and After The Holidays #IDSafetySeason

Fellowes Shredder ~

Holiday Shopping and Identity Theft Did you shop for gifts this holiday season using credit or debit cards? I think that most of us did. Do you shred your credit and debit card statements, or do you throw them out? If you are throwing them out, you are putting yourself at greater risk for identity theft. Holiday Cards/Letters and Identity Theft Did you send or receive holiday cards with cute Continue Reading

How to Write Good New Year’s Resolutions (And Keep Them)

New Year's Resolutions ~

Every year, when asked whether or not I am making a New Year’s resolutions, I say no. However, as December winds down, I always find myself starting sentences with, “On January 1st, I will start (or stop)…,” or “Next year, I will definitely do (or stop doing)…” In other words, I make News Year’s resolutions without actually making New Year’s resolutions. Do I choose not to make formal Continue Reading

Never Throw Away Leftovers Again!

If you are anything like me, you throw away more leftovers than you eat. Not because you don't want to eat the leftovers, but because you forget about them and, eventually, get them confused with your kid's Petri-dish science project. I found the answer to this problem in a simple dry erase vinyl decal. The beauty of the dry erase vinyl decal is that it is very inexpensive, and it sticks Continue Reading

Get Organized Using Mabel’s Labels New Scan & Store Labels and Your Smartphone

Oy Vey a Day ~

I love a label, I've never been shy about that fact. But I am over the moon about the new Scan & Store labels from Mabel's Labels. These awesome new labels combine technology with organization! Can't remember where you put your summer clothes or those holiday decorations? With the new Scan & Store labels from Mabel's Labels, you will never misplace your items again! Here's how they Continue Reading

Mabel’s Labels New Wash Away Labels

Oy Vey a Day ~

As a big fan of labels (see My Favorite Labels - Functional and Fun  and Oy Vey, Whose Sippy Cup is This?!?), I have focused on purchasing the ones that are designed to stay put! The dishwasher-safe Sticky Labels that stay on my son's sippy cups wash after wash, and the Tag Mates clothing labels that stay stuck load after load. Oh, and the Preschool Shoe labels that stay on through any number Continue Reading