{Fitness Friday} Moms Run This Town – Fitness, Friends and Fun


Well, it's official... I am running (or run/walking) the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February 2014. The registration is complete, the money spent, the hotel reservations made... there is no turning back now. When my friend first suggested running a half marathon, I thought she was crazy. That is 13.1 miles! However, something inside of me said, "you can do this!" Research online will Continue Reading

{Fitness Friday} Motivation – Making it to the Finish Line

This post contains affiliate links, which means that I get a small commission from any sale made using one of those links. My mortgage lender and power company thank you in advance for your support. All opinions in this post are my own. Hello, my name is Dianna, and I am a yo-yo exerciser. We've all heard of yo-yo dieting, but we rarely hear about yo-yo exercising - and it can be just as bad Continue Reading

{Fitness Friday} Setting a New Goal

running girl

Three years ago, I started walking... a lot. I met friends and we chatted as we pushed strollers around the mall or the park. When I started, I could barely walk a mile without feeling exhausted. However, after a few short months, I didn't think a walk was worth it if it was shorter than 5 miles. I had a great time with my friends, and lost 60 pounds along the way. Unfortunately, as the kids Continue Reading

A Tale of Two Ponytail Moms

Mommy and Moose

Every mom experiences that moment when you look in the mirror and, for better or worse, you don't recognize yourself anymore. It looks different on everyone - but when it happens, you know. Here are two mom's points of view on turning into ponytail moms. Shabby, Yet Chic By: Amynah Never Chic, But Not Too Shabby By: Dianna The change happened slowly and subtly. At Continue Reading

10K… Oy Vey

running girl

Oy vey, do I hurt! But, I am extremely proud to say that my friend, Amynah, and I completed our very first 10k on February 16! Not only did we finish, but we did better than we ever expected. Following a run/walk interval format, our primary goal was to cross the finish line - even if it took 2 hours. Based on our training, we were hoping to finish in less than 1 hour and 40 minutes. When we Continue Reading

Oh Croc!

Ike's Crocs

Did anyone feel the Earth tilt a bit on its axis, see pigs flying around... or maybe see the devil walking around in a parka and mittens? I ask because I did something I swore I would never, under any circumstances, do... I bought Crocs for my kids. I know many people out there love them. I however, fit into the category of folks who thinks Crocs are so unattractive (and, in my opinion, Continue Reading

Swimsuits… Oy Gevalt!

bathing suit

What is "oy gevalt," you ask? Think oy vey times 10. Or just think of how trying on swimsuits makes you feel... then you will understand. Last year, I bought my first swimsuit in over 20 years. I am so self-conscious about my body that I haven't even worn shorts or tank tops in 20 years. But with two boys in the house who love water, I realized I simply had no choice. This year, I am adding Continue Reading