Disney Princess Half Marathon


Disney Princess Half Marathon - I'm a Finisher! I did it! I wasn't sure that I could, but with the support of my family and my friend, Amynah, I finished the 2014 Disney Princess Half Marathon. I'm pretty proud of this accomplishment considering that less than a month ago, I was told by my doctor that a bone in my foot (a metatarsal) had died and was, in his words, "sitting in my foot Continue Reading

Disney Princess Half Marathon, Here I Come!

It has been seven months since I signed up for the Disney Princess half marathon. Back then, it seemed like the race was far, far in the future. Now, it is just a few days away. A lot has changed since I signed up. Back then, I planned to train with a walk/run interval program with a goal to run more miles in one race than I ever had before. Unfortunately, after multiple stress Continue Reading

My New Fall Boot Trend for 2013


I love fall - especially fall clothing. This year, I was going to look for some new fall boots. Turns out, I only needed to get one new boot. It cost me as much as a nice pair of leather boots, and it isn't nearly as fashionable as I would have liked. In my last Fitness Friday post, I wrote that I was gearing up for a 5 mile run that weekend. Kelly @ A Girl Worth Saving wrote in the comments Continue Reading

{Fitness Friday} – Progress is Slow, But I’m Still Moving Forward


It has been a few weeks since I have written about my progress towards my goal of running a half marathon in February 2014. Partly, because I feel like I haven't made much progress due to injuries and bad weather. I have, however, realized that I am just being too hard on myself. The fact that I am still getting out there and trying is progress enough. In the past, I might have just given up Continue Reading

{Wordless Wednesday} These Boys Love to Swim


  Hubby took these pictures using his cell phone. A cell phone in the pool, you ask? Sure - just put it in a waterproof cell phone bag. This post contains affiliate links, which means that I get a small commission from any sale made using one of those links. My mortgage lender and power company thank you in advance for your support. All opinions in this post are my own. Continue Reading