Budsies: Bringing Your Child’s Artwork to Life {Review}

This is a sponsored post for Budsies. I received a promotional product in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.


What do you get the child who has everything this holiday season? How about a custom stuffed animal that they design? Not only will it foster their creativity, but the toy will be an instant favorite because they designed it themselves.

Budsies takes your child’s artwork, and turns it into a one-of-a-kind plush toy made with high-quality, all new 100% polyester shell and filling. Artwork you can snuggle up with. I love it!

What Artwork Can you Use to Create a Budsie?

Most Budsies are created from drawings. If you have a child who spends her days with a crayon in her hand creating masterpiece after masterpiece for the fridge, you are set. The Budsies designers can even work with abstract artwork.

If, on the other hand, your child is like one of mine and would rather eat vegetables than draw a picture, don’t fret. You still have options. You can send pictures of LEGO creations, play-doh sculptures, or maybe use one of the templates on the Budsies site to get your child’s imagination going. Just make sure you don’t include any logos or brands.

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Ordering a Budsie

Ordering was super simple. I used my cell phone to snap pictures of the boys’ artwork and uploaded the pictures to the Budsies site. You can also upload your photo from a PC or submit it via e-mail or text.

Once the designers had reviewed LEGO “Mater Duck” (half tow truck, half duck) and “happy sheep,” they sent me an e-mail letting me know the artwork was approved and in the design process. It was so simple, I could hardly believe it.

The next part was the hardest – waiting the 2-4 weeks for our Budsies to arrive.

Enjoying your Budsies

When our Budsies arrived, the boys were so excited.


The designers did an amazing job recreating Mater Duck. The colors and details were right on the money.

They took a little more creative license with “happy sheep,”  who arrived with spikes instead of “wool.” However, my son loves it. According to him, it is better than a sheep – it is a combination of a stegosaurus and a sheep. He calls him stego-sheep. (See what I mean when I say Budsies foster creativity?)

To avoid this mix-up I should have: a) Sent in a higher-quality picture; and b) Been more specific in my description of the drawing during the ordering process. So, if your child’s artwork is a little more abstract, or you know that s/he will expect it to look a certain way, be sure to include more detail in your description. In our case, it turned out to be a happy accident.

Both stuffed toys are very well made and extremely fun.

Budsies Gives Back

On top of producing great toys, Budsies is a socially responsible business, collaborating with organizations such as LLS and Easters Seals.

They also run their One-For-One program every November. If you order a Budsie in November, not only will you make the child in your life happy, you will also bring a smile to the face of another child. In November, Budsies manufactures a duplicate of every Budsie ordered, and donates them to children in need during the holiday season.

Budsies is even giving you the opportunity to win your very own Budsie (see below)!

Note: Budsies are recommended for children 3 and older.


The Budsies giveaway has ended. Congratulations to our winner, Rosey M.

Thank you to all who entered.


  1. says

    I have teenagers but one year for Christmas we made homemade calendars for our relatives when they were little. I would love to bring that calendar to life with some of the creatures that they came up with. I really don’t know how to describe them other than dinosaur-esque.

  2. Heather B says

    my daughter would probably draw a train for her little brother she seems to be doing that a lot lately since he loves trains

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