Book Review: Press Here by Herve Tullet

Max celebrated his 2nd birthday earlier this month. I can’t believe how quickly time has passed!

He received several wonderful gifts for his birthday: a stuffed dog, a wooden puzzle toy, an activity book with tool-shaped puzzle pieces, and lots of great story books, including Are You My Mother? and the My Rainbow Fish Book Box Set.

Both of my boys love books, and these books have already been read over and over again at bedtime. In addition, Max received a book that I had never heard of before; Press Here by Herve Tullet.

The whole family is enamored with this book. It is simple yet interactive and educational. Without even realizing it, whenever we read this book with the boys, they are learning about colors, left & right, light & dark, patterns, and cause and effect.

Ike and Moose Read Press HereThe book engages the kids by instructing them to complete certain tasks, such as: pressing various color dots; shaking the book, and then turning the page to see what happened to the dots  (the dots, which were organized, scatter); and tipping the book to the left or right, and then turn the page to see the result (the dots all move to the appropriate side of the page).

For our 2-year-old, some of these concepts are new, so this is a fun way to start the learning process. Our (almost) 4-year-old, has already been introduced to the concepts in the book, but he still finds it engaging and enjoys practicing his skills.

I am looking forward to trying this out in a home preschool setting. In addition to the concepts listed above, the kids can learn about taking turns (by having each child complete different tasks) as well as predicting (have the children guess what will happen to the dots following each task – will the dots move, stay the same, etc.).

This is a book that I highly recommend. I know that I will be giving it to some of the youngsters in my life who will celebrate birthdays in the coming months.

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  1. Andrea says

    My girls love this book too! It’s so fun, really unique and educational too. I think I may have picked it up at the bookfair that day at Dyer

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