“I Lost My Count,” Oy Vey!

Christmas Lights

While surfing the Internet for stuff to do with the kids, I ran across this post about the unpleasant things kids pick up while out on walks. It reminded me of a walk I took with the boys back in December.When the weather is nice, the boys and I take a walk around the block after dinner.  Heck, even when it's not so nice, we try to go on our walks. The holiday season is especially popular with Continue Reading

A Full Moon Every Day – Oy!

I guess it has officially started. Both of my boys are now obsessed with bums. Moose showed his tuchus preference earlier this month (Too Much Tuchus, Oy Vey), Ike's obsession started Friday. While I was putting Moose to bed, Ike took off  his clothes to get ready for his bath. He then came into Moose's room and started turning the lights off and on and, with each flick of the swtich, Continue Reading

Adventures of a Mr. Mom – Oy Vey


My wife refers to me as an "all-in" kind of dad... I think that what she means by that is that I am willing to change diapers! She is right about that, and each time I have to change a diaper while out of the house, I feel a lot like Michael Keaton in Mr. Mom... 30 years after that movie premiered, being a "Mr. Mom" still has its challenges. Recently, we went on a family outing to a dinosaur Continue Reading