A Tale of Two Ponytail Moms

Every mom experiences that moment when you look in the mirror and, for better or worse, you don’t recognize yourself anymore. It looks different on everyone – but when it happens, you know. Here are two mom’s points of view on turning into ponytail moms.

Amynah - Ponytail Mom 2Shabby,
Yet Chic
By: Amynah
Dianna - Ponytail MomNever Chic,
But Not Too Shabby

By: Dianna

The change happened slowly and subtly. At first, I told myself it was happening for convenience. Then, I convinced myself it was due to finances. Finally, I just accepted that it happened because I am a mom of two and I am just more comfortable this way.

I have become a Ponytail Mom!

For the past six months, I have made it my goal to run a 5K. I downloaded a 5K training app for my iPhone. It promises results in 8 weeks, but, it is taking me a bit longer. I have done a few 5Ks, even a 10K! But my objective is to run the entire 3.1 miles. I haven’t reached that yet, but I am getting closer. And in the process, I have lost 16 lbs!

This is all relevant because with my hectic, kid-centric life, I have always put exercise and my health and well-being last, as most moms do. But now that I make fitness a focus of everyday, it’s just easier to dress in workout clothes so I can squeeze in a run whenever I have a break during my day.

It’s not that I was very stylish or a Fashionista before. But there were certain items of clothing that I would never leave the house wearing. I guess you could say my style was preppy… polo shirts, cardigans, capri pants, and sundresses, like J.Crew or Ann Taylor.

Now I am all about yoga pants and hoodies.I never thought that I would drool over the Athleta and Lululemon catalogs! I have come to realize that exercise clothes can be comfortable AND cute! And a color-coordinated workout outfit makes me feel good about myself and is motivational to get outside and get RUNNING!

So although my long hair is now stuffed in a ponytail, and my cute cardigan is replaced by a hoodie, I still put on my lip gloss as I head to the track, and run to my goal…dropping a few pounds along the way. 🙂

In the last 3 years, I’ve lost over forty pounds. I have many “walking buddies” to thank for that, including Amynah. I am definitely healthier than I was – though, apparently, no more stylish.

When I was overweight, I dressed for comfort. I always had a difficult time finding clothes that fit well and looked great. My style was jeans and a t-shirt with a jacket of some kind. I never wore workout clothes unless I was at the gym – yoga pants with an over-sized t-shirt. I also would never have been caught dead with my hair in a ponytail or wearing a baseball cap.

My weight-loss journey changed all of that. Because I spent so much time walking each day, I had to acquire a wardrobe of workout pants, shirts, shoes, and jackets. I even had to start wearing my hair in a ponytail… and I even started wearing a baseball cap for those cold morning walks outside. Now, I have to search my closet to find jeans and a top to wear to a girls’ night out.

When I was mid-way through my weight-loss journey, one of my “walking buddies” – a friend for whom English is a second language – looked at me with a happy smile and said, “Maybe when you lose more weight, you will become stylish.”

I tried to let her down easy… let her know that I would never be her high-fashion shopping buddy. The simple truth is that I have never been stylish, and I doubt I ever will be. I don’t leave the house in old sweatpants and stained t-shirts, but workout pants and fleece zip-ups make up the majority of my wardrobe.

Kudos to those moms who always have on lipstick and wrinkle-free clothes, I am just not that mom… and that is A-OK with me. My current style, or lack there of, fits my lifestyle… and my budget?

Like Amynah, I too am a ponytail mom… and I am just hoping that I can keep up with her, and that we can reach our goal of running a 5k together.

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  1. Linda says

    Great post, and great pic! Love Lululemon and Lucy! You guys are doing an awesome job with your running!

  2. Amynah says

    Thanks Linda! You have been a big inspiration to me. Thanks for always encouraging and supporting my adventures:)

  3. Jina says

    It was my thinking as I see in me. I used to be stylish when I was in Korea but most American wear simple like blue jean and t shirt. I am not high shopper. I just couldn’t find right clothes for me due to petite size. Luckily, I recently adjusted my style to American. It took more than four years to change my taste. Sorry, I was so blunt at that time. I feel like owe you a public apology.

    • says

      No, no, no – you definitely don’t owe me an apology. I never thought you meant to insult… and, it was a fairly accurate statement… HA! I like your honesty!

      • Jina says

        Good. I am still learning American way of speaking.
        I am enjoying reading your post and it reminds me talking with you while we were walking. Miss it.


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