A Full Moon Every Day – Oy!

I guess it has officially started. Both of my boys are now obsessed with bums. Moose showed his tuchus preference earlier this month (Too Much Tuchus, Oy Vey), Ike’s obsession started Friday.

While I was putting Moose to bed, Ike took off  his clothes to get ready for his bath. He then came into Moose’s room and started turning the lights off and on and, with each flick of the swtich, saying:

“The sun goes down.”

“The sun comes up.”

“The moon goes down.”

“The moon comes up.”

Since he was standing there in the buff talking about the moon, I couldn’t resist saying, “I see a full moon in here!”

He asked what I meant, so I had to explain that when you see someone’s bare tuchus, it is called a “full moon.” He was so pleased with this new concept, that he spent five minutes walking around backwards, pointing to his bum, and saying, “Do you see the full moon?”  or “There goes my full moon.”

I admit, I was amused, even if my wife wasn’t – I am a guy, after all. However, I think that what is really going to get me in trouble is the fact that now, when he’s facing forward, he points down and asks, “Now do you see my half moon?”

Let’s just hope he doesn’t decide to show his full, or half moon to his classmates at school on Monday! Oy vey!

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