Money Origami: A Creative Way to Give the Gift of Money

My mom joined Weight Watchers several years ago and worked her butt off... literally. She lost 70 lbs in one year. When the holidays rolled around that year, my sister and I wanted to give her some new clothes. However, buying clothes for someone else is tough. Giving a gift card is a great idea, but when you lose that much weight, you are likely shopping in different stores. We wanted to Continue Reading

Never Throw Away Leftovers Again!

If you are anything like me, you throw away more leftovers than you eat. Not because you don't want to eat the leftovers, but because you forget about them and, eventually, get them confused with your kid's Petri-dish science project. I found the answer to this problem in a simple dry erase vinyl decal. The beauty of the dry erase vinyl decal is that it is very inexpensive, and it sticks Continue Reading

{Fitness Friday} Moms Run This Town – Fitness, Friends and Fun


Well, it's official... I am running (or run/walking) the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February 2014. The registration is complete, the money spent, the hotel reservations made... there is no turning back now. When my friend first suggested running a half marathon, I thought she was crazy. That is 13.1 miles! However, something inside of me said, "you can do this!" Research online will Continue Reading

Words of Wisdom… From a 4-Year-Old

Kids are funny. That is a universally-known fact. My 4-year-old is constantly cracking me up. In case any of you need a laugh, here are a few of the things he has said lately: Conversation I overheard while my husband was changing our 2-year-old's diaper: (Isaac has been interested in planets lately, so we've talked about Saturn's rings, Mars being the Red Planet, etc.) Isaac: "Daddy, Continue Reading

Slow Cooker Bread

Slow Cooker Bread - header- oyveyaday

Pinterest Challenge Recipe: Slow Cooker Bread When I heard that you could make bread in the slow cooker, I was thrilled. I love bread and I love my slow cooker, so I knew I had to try it. I used a basic bread recipe that my family likes. I have made this both in the oven and in a bread machine - it has always turned out great. I followed the baking instructions in the original pin (see my Continue Reading