My August Pinterest Challenge

When I wasn’t able to complete all of the pins in my June Pinterest challenge, I debated whether or not to keep the Pinterest challenge going. But, then I started thinking about what I learned from the June Pinterest challenge. The most important thing I learned is that Pinterest should be fun. Who cares if I finished every single pin I wanted to do? The ones I tried turned out great. I Continue Reading

{Wordless Wednesday} These Boys Love to Swim

  Hubby took these pictures using his cell phone. A cell phone in the pool, you ask? Sure - just put it in a waterproof cell phone bag. This post contains affiliate links, which means that I get a small commission from any sale made using one of those links. My mortgage lender and power company thank you in advance for your support. All opinions in this post are my own. Continue Reading

Treasure Map Gift Wrap – Great for a Pirate-Themed Party

Matching your gift wrap to the theme of a party isn't always easy - but it sure is fun when you can do it! When we were invited to a pirate-themed birthday party, I immediately started thinking of creative ways to wrap the gift. The first thing I did was look through my existing stock of wrapping paper supplies. When I saw the roll of craft paper, I knew EXACTLY what I was going to do! We Continue Reading

Homemade Ruler Growth Chart

When I was a kid, tick marks on a door jamb were the traditional way of measuring a child's growth. Back then, when you bought a house, you lived in it until your kids were grown – maybe even longer. Nowadays, families move more often, and you can’t take the door jamb with you… at least not easily. I wanted a growth chart that would look nice in my home, but also be something that I could Continue Reading

What I Learned From My June Pinterest Challenge

If you've been keeping track, you will know that I never finished my June Pinterest Challenge. To date, I have completed 5 of the 8 pins that I challenged myself to complete (stay tuned for a post on the ruler growth chart – that is my favorite so far). As for the other three, well, I am letting myself off the hook. When I first saw the recipe for the homemade healthy fruit snacks, I Continue Reading

Cooking Frozen Steak (Using a Blow Torch): As Seen on ABCs The Chew

I love a good steak. Even more, I love to get good steak on sale! When I find good steak on sale, I buy extra and freeze it. I know some of you are gasping in horror at the very concept of freezing steak - but trust me when I tell you that a steak cooked from frozen can be even better than steak cooked fresh. I found this out after seeing a segment on ABCs The Chew. In The Chew segment, Continue Reading