“I Lost My Count,” Oy Vey!

Christmas Lights

While surfing the Internet for stuff to do with the kids, I ran across this post about the unpleasant things kids pick up while out on walks. It reminded me of a walk I took with the boys back in December.When the weather is nice, the boys and I take a walk around the block after dinner.  Heck, even when it's not so nice, we try to go on our walks. The holiday season is especially popular with Continue Reading

My Oy Vey-cation

Wilderness Resort

Our spring break plans: a vacation, with guest blogger, Amynah, and her family, at a resort in the Smoky Mountains with an indoor water park. For my family and friends, it turned out to be a wonderful vacation… for me, it turned into an oy vey-cation. What’s the difference, you ask? Let me break it down for you: Vacation (my family/friends' exprience): Sitting with a friend enjoying a Continue Reading

Something Isn’t Kosher in the Smoky Mountains

Bacon and Eggs in Frying Pan

“Always wear clean underwear in case you’re in a car accident.” That’s a piece of advice my mom gave me. But she never told me to “wear nice pajamas when you are staying at a resort in case someone burns bacon late at night.” I sure could have used that advice while vacationing in the Smoky Mountains recently. I have had the odd midnight-snack craving in my day, but I have never gotten up late Continue Reading

Mabel’s Labels New Wash Away Labels

Oy Vey a Day ~ oyveyaday.com

As a big fan of labels (see My Favorite Labels - Functional and Fun  and Oy Vey, Whose Sippy Cup is This?!?), I have focused on purchasing the ones that are designed to stay put! The dishwasher-safe Sticky Labels that stay on my son's sippy cups wash after wash, and the Tag Mates clothing labels that stay stuck load after load. Oh, and the Preschool Shoe labels that stay on through any number Continue Reading

Simple Questions Don’t Always Have Simple Answers

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How many kids do you have? That seems like such a simple question, doesn't it? Surely everyone can give a simple answer to such a simple question. However, for those of us who have lost a child, it is not such an easy question to answer. In Oh Joy, What a Family, I told you about Ellie, Ike's twin sister. Our Ellie Bean was born with multiple medical conditions. She fought hard, but her Continue Reading

Adoption – Oy Vey to Oh Joy

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Anyone who has been through the adoption process knows that it is often just one "oy vey" moment after another. All of the decisions you have to make, the paperwork you have to fill out, the intrusive home study, the waiting, the disappointment, etc. It is nothing at all like the process my friends who gave birth to their children experienced... except in one big way. Like the memories of Continue Reading